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February 7, 2012

The Art & Design Exhibition Organization has organized EGRESS, a series of shows taking place in the Slusser Lounge from January - March 2012.  Interested in participating?  Look up A&D Exhibition Opportunities on facebook for more info and updates.

Jan. 24 - Feb. 6
Curators: Dylan Box and Teshia Treuhaft

Meeting for the first time in a fight for the record books: In the far corner, sleek and modern, 12 fights and 11 knockouts to his name weighing in 14lbs (6.35029 kg if we are in Scandinavia) we have CHAIR. Defending champion, reigning title holder, standing (typically) at 36 inches, we have TABLE.  Come check out the contenders, strap on your boxing gloves and place your bets at Slusser Lounge.

POSTERS Exhibition
Feb. 7 - 20
Curators: Mike Wang, Arlene Zhao

The poster has always been a great way for businesses and organizations to get their message out into the world, whether it is a new movie or the family garage sale. Yet, the poster has never been displayed in the gallery, at least not like this. So be prepared to be overwhelmed.

Feb. 13 - 20
Curator: Brian J Muscat

To engage the viewer in a way that they are not only a spectator but become part of the spectacle themselves. This interaction is caused through the location and positioning of the “light.”

Feb. 21 - Mar. 12
Curators: Nicole Hankus, Lisa Gross

eat. is a multifaceted encounter with our american food culture eat. explores the practices associated with and the objects of consumption eat. investigates the nature of what we eat

Mar. 6 - 19
Curators: Madalyn Hochendoner, Callie Stewart, and Keyana Thompson-Shaw

Art is a way in which we project to others who we are and how we not only understand our own identities, but are able to communicate identity to others. Through our exhibition, we would like to embrace the feeling of anonymity and explore the benefits of it.