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Roland Graf: Internet of Shoes Patent Issued

November 4, 2019 • Faculty News

Stamps Associate Professor Roland Graf received a US utility patent (US 10,433,394) related to his Internet of Shoes (IoS) research and project collaboration with embedded systems research at the University of Michigan. The United States… Read More >

Roland Graf: Best Paper Award at CHI PLAY

October 30, 2019 • Faculty News

On October 23, 2019, Associate Professor Roland Graf presented the work of his iGYM team on inclusive play at CHI PLAY in Barcelona, Spain, where it received the Best Paper Award (top 1% of submissions).CHI PLAY is an international and… Read More >

Gender, Bodies, and Machines: Susan Steinberg and Heidi Kumao

October 29, 2019 • Faculty News

Work by Stamps Professor Heidi Kumao and Susan Steinberg was featured in Gender, Bodies, and Machines: Susan Steinberg and Heidi Kumao On Form at the Center for Fiction in Brooklyn, New York. This presentation was an exploration into… Read More >

Holly Hughes Speaks at LGBTQ Community Center of NYC

October 29, 2019 • Faculty News

Stamps Professor Holly Hughes spoke with Dr. David Roman, of USC, moderated by Todd Coulter, on the topic of Queer Critical Generosity on October 26 at 7 pm.  The event was co sponsored by NOGO Arts, an organization focused on nurturing… Read More >

Rebekah Modrak Profiled by U-M News Service

October 28, 2019 • Faculty News

In a feature profile by the U-M News Service, Stamps Professor Rebekah Modrak discusses her work and how family values passed down from her father, a pro-union firefighter in the Homewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh, started a life-long… Read More >

Stamps and Tennessee State University Collaborative Exhibition

October 25, 2019 • Faculty News, Undergraduate News

Work by Stamps students Seth St Pierre (’21), Lia New (’22), Abigail Williams (’21), Lakyla Thomas (’23), Taryn Wilcher (’21), Kevin Moore Jr. (’20), Destini Riley (’22), and Lauren Mills (’22) is featured in What Matters…A Collection of… Read More >

Omar Sosa-Tzec Presents at the 2019 ACM SIGDOC Conference

October 25, 2019 • Faculty News

Stamps Professor Omar Sosa-Tzec presented his research on the evolution of interfaces, metaphors, and interface styles at the 2019 conference of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group for Design of… Read More >

Emilia White Presents New Work at SECAC 2019

October 25, 2019 • Faculty News

Stamps lecturer Emilia White presented her newest work-in-progress, “The Ugly Placenta,” at the SECAC 2019 conference in Chattanooga from October 16-19. SECAC is a national non-profit organization devoted to education and research in the… Read More >

Omar Sosa-Tzec: Design-Oriented Research Collaboration

October 25, 2019 • Faculty News

Stamps Professor Omar Sosa-Tzec collaborated with Professor Jordan E. Beck (Milwaukee School of Engineering) and Professor John M. Carrol (Pennsylvania State University) in a research project that seeks to redefine the notion of reference… Read More >

Melanie Manos performs at Unraveling Racism: Seeing White Exhibition

October 14, 2019 • Faculty News

Stamps lecturer Melanie Manos performs in the interactive installation A Piece of the Pie created by artist/curator Laura Earle for the exhibition Unraveling Racism: Seeing White.The voice of a unique art-making experience with a powerful… Read More >