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Animal Acts: Beasts of the Northern Wild

Animal Acts Web 2

Posthuman Performances and Provocations.
March 21 – 23, Duderstadt Media Union

Professor Holly Hughes presents a performance festival and symposium exploring the question of the animal through the lens of multimedia solo work. 

Featuring performances by internationally renowned artists, in conversations with Michigan faculty and students:

  • Una Chaudhuri
  • Jess Dobkin
  • Benjamin Gillepsie
  • Donna Haraway
  • Holly Hughes
  • Kim Marra
  • Kestutis Nakas
  • Carmelita Tropicana
  • Deke Weaver

All events in the Duderstadt Media Center, 2281 Bonisteel Boulevard, Ann Arbor 48109. Free and open to the public.

Performances may include nudity, sexual content and viewer discretion is advised. No one under 17 will be admitted to the evening performances.

This schedule is subject to change. 

Thursday, March 21

6:30 — 8:30 pm, DMC Video Studio 
Performing the Post Human: Engendering Animals
Donna Haraway and Una Chaudhuri in conversation with Assistant Professor of Dance, Clare Croft and Professor Holly Hughes. 
Introduction and welcome by Professor Peggy McCracken. 
Performances by Carmelita Tropicana and Joseph Keckler.

9:00 — late, Aut/​Bar
Aut/​Bar Afterparty
Special Afterparty at the Aut/​Bar, with performances. Nudity and sexual content. 315 Braun Court, Ann Arbor 48104.

Friday, March 22 

12:00 — 1:00 pm, DMC 1180 
Rachel Rosenthal in Perspective 
Screening of work by Rachel Rosenthal, with conversation led by Una Chaudhuri

2:00 — 4:30 pm, DMC Video Studio 
In their (Un) Natural Habitat
Performances by Deke Weaver, Kestutis Nakas, with talk back.

6:30 — 9:30 pm, DMC Video Studio 
Holly Hughes, Kim Marra, Joseph Keckler, Carmelita Tropicana 
Talk back with Professor Donna Haraway, Associate Professor Irina Aristarkova and others. No late admittance.

Saturday March 23 

11:00 am — 1:00 pm, DMC 1180 
Building a Career in the Arts
Joseph Keckler, Deke Weaver, Jess Dobkin in conversation

2:00 — 4:00 pm, DMC 1180 
Engendering Animals
Joseph Keckler, Kim Marra and Carmelita Tropicana.
In conversation with Associate Professor Naomi Andre, Associate Professor Larry La Fontain and Benjamin Gillespie.

6:30 — 9:30 pm, DMC Video Studio
Jess Dobkin, Deke Weaver and Kestutis Nakas.
Hosted by Emilia Javanica. Performances contain nudity and sexual content, no one under 17 admitted.

Animal Acts is sponsored by The Stamps School of Art & Design, Feminist Science Studies, IRWG, Rackham, Latino/​a Studies, North Quad Activities Center, Arts at Michigan, American Culture, Asian Languages and Culture, Theatre and Drama, History of Art and the Department of Dance.