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2010 All-Student Exhibition Awards

January 5, 2011

The Fall 2010 Annual All-Student Exhibition of the School of Art & Design was a great success.  Many thanks to all the students who participated!

Images of work by some of the 2010 All Student Exhibition award-winners can be viewed below.

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Mouse over images to view artist info; click to open larger image in a new window.

First-Year Undergraduate Awards ($500 each)
Monica Geraffo
Luther Hamilton
Nicole Hankus
Melania Plasko

Second-Year Undergraduate Awards ($625 each)
Kellyn Carpenter
Alicia Chiaravalli
Lindsey Eldredge-Fox
Kaitlind Marek
Anna Schulte

Third-Year Undergraduate Awards ($750 each)
James Bloniarz
Kathryn Bonsted
Penn Greene
Megan O’Neil
Millicent Wibert
Levester Williams

Graduating Senior Awards ($900 each)
Allison Carron
Alyssa Chambo
Erika Cross
Benjamin English
Matthew Grandin
Carolyn Wiedeman

Graduate Student Awards ($2,000 each)
Kayla Romberger - First Year
John Kannenberg and Emilia Javanica ($1,000 each) - Second Year
Susan Stacks - Third Year

Thanks also to the staff members of the School who contributed to the production of the exhibition and to the 5-member jury who reviewed the exhibition and selected the awardees:

Jan-Henrik Andersen, Associate Professor, A&D
Franc Nunoo-Quarcoo, Professor, A&D
Nick Tobier, Associate Professor, A&D
Renee Zettle-Sterling, Associate Professor, Department of Art, Grand Valley State University
Lynne Avadenka, Detroit-based artist