Undergraduate Students

Faculty-Led Studios

Earn studio credits while fulfilling your international experience requirement. Each year, Stamps offers faculty-led international studio courses taught in countries around the world: check out our 2017 lineup below.

B.A.S.E. Beijing: Extreme Urban Euphoria

B.A.S.E. Beijing is an art, architecture, and design studio located in Cao Chang Di, the epicenter for numerous creative industries in China. The program's objective is to immerse art and design students in places of artistic and design production in China, with an emphasis on two cities - Beijing and Shenzhen. Conducting fieldwork that engages spaces of design innovation, students will meet with artists, designers, architects, technologists, and makers in both cities, interview local people living in China’s urban villages, and survey materials and electronics markets, galleries, and arts districts. Students will design, hack, and produce a series of quick design projects that are only possible in the high-speed urbanization of China, culminating in an exhibition of work at B.A.S.E. Beijing. Read More >

Photographing Paris

Paris has been the muse and home to some of the best documentary photographers of all time: in the city of light, you are likely to find a photographic “gift” around every corner. You will spend six weeks working side by side with Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer David Turnley, learning what he calls the “dance” of photography. This course provides the opportunity to create a world-class portfolio of photographs chronicling the exquisitely diverse neighborhoods, glorious public Parcs, life along the Seine, café culture, fashion, and nightlife of Paris. Students will attend class gatherings, review daily assignments, and study the works of masters of photography at the Paris College of Art. Read More >

Art for Social Change

Students will travel to Japan for three weeks in the month of May in this program focused on Kyoto and Koka City. With 1300 years of continuous kiln operation, this "ceramics city" in Shiga prefecture is well known for producing Shigaraki ware. Ceramics form a significant part of the art education programs for residents with disabilities. The city has been recognized for its practical application of social responsibility, support of art education and the close cooperation between schools, museums, government and non-government organizations. Students will learn how ceramics, as well as other art forms, form the core of school and museum programming as well as vocational training for people with disabilities, participating in K-12 art workshops and visiting craft production facilities staffed by people with disabilities. We will explore projects that have used art to revitalize rural communities with aging populations in economic decline. Read More >

Drawing from the Temples of India

The course will be an entry into the history, culture, architecture, and sculpture of India as shown in its temple sculptures. Students will begin with the popular Golden Triangle – New Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur - where they will visit famous historic sites such as the Taj Mahal and Amer Fort before traveling south to contemporary Bangalore. There, students will study temples, including Someshwara, Gavi Gangadhareshwara, and Bull Temple, drawing to record and reimagine the temple structures and adorning sculpture. The class will also travel to other sites, including the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Hampi, Elloran and Ajanta, before wrapping up in Mumbai. Read More >