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Penny Stamps Speaker Series

Paul Kaiser

Drawing on Childhood: a 3D Presentation

December 1, 2011

Paul Kaiser

With his partners at OpenEndedGroup, Shelley Eshkar and Marc Downie, Paul Kaiser pioneers approaches to digital art combining non-photorealistic 3D rendering, body movement through motion-capture and other means, and artworks directed or assisted by artificial intelligence. Believing that many of art’s deepest impulses trace back to childhood, Kaiser’s presentation explores these early sources, including how the game of cat’s cradle inspired a portrait of Merce Cunningham, and how toy soldiers suggested projecting miniature trompe l’oeil figures on New York sidewalks.

With support from the Institute for the Humanities celebrating a year of digital humanities in conjunction with HASTAC.

Unless otherwise noted, all programs take place on Thursdays at 5:10 pm at the historic Michigan Theater, located at 603 E. Liberty Street in downtown Ann Arbor, and are free of charge and open to the public.

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