Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Handbook

Your Advising Meeting Calendar

Meeting 1
July, First Year Orientation
Preparation: Read Stamps pre-orientation information; take all placement tests; learn about your first year in Stamps on our website. Come to this meeting ready to clearly articulate and discuss your expectations, goals, and concerns for the first year. Do all of this before you attend orientation.

Meeting 2
December/January, First Year
Preparation: Attend Course Preview (November); go through the “Beyond the Studio” checklist in this handbook. Be ready to discuss how your expectations, goals, and concerns are changing for the first year.

Meeting 3
April, First Year
Preparation: Attend Course Preview (March); use the Curriculum Designer to map out future coursework (curriculum-designer.com). Reflect on what you have learned about yourself as a creative professional. Give thought to your degree choice and to possible faculty mentors. Be ready to talk about your progress over the year. What goals did you meet?

Meeting 4
September, Second Year
Preparation: Identify goals for the year. Reflect on your foundation year. Be ready to discuss your reflections and your goals for the year. 

Meeting 5
March, Second Year
Preparation: Complete statement and résumé for Sophomore Review. Be ready to review them with your advisor. What goals did you meet?

Meeting 6
September, Third Year
Preparation: Review your Sophomore Review report. Ask two faculty members to be your mentor and obtain their consent. Be able to articulate your academic goals and career trajectory when you meet with your advisor.

During the meetings advisors will use a series of questions or prompts to determine your progress, to encourage you to see pathways not immediately visible to you, and to push you toward thought that is reflective, strategic, and independent. In each meeting the advisor uses the information from previous discussions to encourage you to develop further in each of the three key areas. You and your advisors will discuss challenges and expectations and set goals in these meetings. For most meetings you will be asked to come prepared. Your advisor will remind you of this before each meeting.