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Transfer Credits & Credits by Exam

Can I transfer credits from other institutions?

Yes, transfer credit may be granted for coursework completed outside of the University of Michigan. Students are responsible for requesting that the transcript be sent to John Luther. The University does not request transcripts, and transcripts are not usually sent automatically.

Can I transfer credits from my study abroad experience?

Yes! The same rules apply. Read on.

How do I know if my credits will count?

Three ways:

  1. For transferability of studio courses, please consult John Luther.
  2. For transferability of non-studio courses, please consult the transfer credit equivalency page and/or the out-of-residency form: www.ugadmiss.umich.edu/TCE/Public/CT_TCESearch.aspx
  3. If you don’t see the course listed on the TCE page, go ahead and complete the transfer credit evaluation form: www.ugadmiss.umich.edu/TCE/Student/CT_TCEForm.aspx

Note: there is some minor variation between LSA transfer guidelines and Stamps transfer guidelines.

How do I transfer credits?

1. Send official transcripts from the transferring institution to:

John Luther, Career Development Coordinator
Stamps School of Art & Design
University of Michigan
2000 Bonisteel Blvd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2069

2. After receipt of an official transcript, credit evaluation proceeds on two levels:

  • The Stamps School of Art & Design forwards the transcript to Credit Evaluators in the Undergraduate Admissions Office for an evaluation of all academic coursework, including international coursework. Consult the University transfer credit website for information on how academic credits transfer: www.ugadmiss.umich.edu/TCE/Public/CT_TCESearch.aspx
  • The Associate Dean approves transfer credit evaluation of studio coursework. Students should be prepared to submit course descriptions and a portfolio if requested.

3. Transfer credit is posted on the student’s transcript without grades, except when credit is from another U-M campus. Transferred credits are not calculated in the student’s U-M grade point average.

4. Transfer credit may be recorded in several ways: as equivalent to U-M courses; as departmental credit; or in the case of multidisciplinary courses, as divisional credit in humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences.

5. Determination of the number of credits to be transferred cannot be guaranteed, and final approval is only made upon receipt of an official transcript.

What about my Advanced Placement/IB Credits?

AP/IB test scores in studio art courses are not accepted as credit for graduation. AP/IB test scores in academic areas are accepted as credit for graduation and to meet some requirements. Consult the University Admissions website for information on AP/IB credits in academic areas: http://admissions.umich.edu/apply/freshmen-applicants/ap-ib-credit

Some rules and regulations about transferring credits
  • Studio courses taken in an approved study abroad program are considered the same as in-house Stamps courses.
  • Grades must be “C” or higher. Grades of “C-” and below are not acceptable. The previous institution’s policy for pass/fail grades must stipulate that “Pass” grades count only for a grade of “C” or better.
  • Coursework must be completed at an accredited American or Canadian college or university, or a degree-granting foreign university. Questions about accreditation should be directed to John Luther.
  • Total credit for coursework cannot exceed 64 credits from a four-year institution, or 60 credits from a two-year college (62 credits from a two-year college from which an associate’s degree has been earned).
  • BFA students may transfer no more than 15 credits of studio work (9 at the foundation (or 100 level) and 6 at the 200 level or above).
  • BA students may transfer no more than 9 credits of studio work (6 at the foundation (or 100 level) and 3 at the 200 level or above).
  • The last 32 of the 128 credits required for a BFA degree must be earned in residence on the Ann Arbor campus.

Again, if you have questions about transfer credits, John Luther is the person to ask!