Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Handbook

Term Withdrawal

What if I need to withdraw from the term or take a leave of absence?

Students planning to be off-campus for a term (or terms) should notify their academic advisor before they leave.

Before classes begin:
Students who have registered for a term then decide not to return to the University, must disenroll from the University BEFORE CLASSES BEGIN to avoid paying unnecessary fees and/or tuition.

After classes have begun:
Students who wish to withdraw after classes have begun must meet with their academic advisor, complete a Withdrawal Notice, and take it to the Registrar’s Office (either on North or Central Campus). Depending on the circumstances, a term withdrawal can be cause for academic probation or suspension.

Students withdrawing after classes begin but before the end of the drop/add period must pay term fees and a disenrollment fee. Students withdrawing after the drop/add deadline are liable for tuition charges. Details of charges and/or refunds are available on the Registrar’s Office website. Any refund of fees is handled in accordance with University regulations. For more information, consult the Registrar’s website: www.umich.edu/~regoff

What if I’m gone for more than a year?

Students who are away from the University for more than one full year must apply for re-admission. Contact the Stamps School’s Director of Admissions regarding the re-admission application. Re-admission to the Stamps School is automatically granted if students have left in good standing.