Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Handbook

Studio Access

How do I get into the studios? Are there set hours when I can work?

The Stamps School of Art & Design students have access to the building and to the open studios (e.g., drawing and painting) 24 hours a day through their University M-Cards. Studios are not open to students who are not enrolled in a Stamps School course. Keep reading for information on specific studios and the coordinators who oversee them.

Can I use equipment-dependent studios if I’m not taking a course in that studio?

The short answer is no. If you don’t like that answer, keep reading. Equipment-dependent studios are available for students to use through their University M-Cards when they are registered for a course in an equipment-dependent studio OR when they have completed the course and have received clearance from the studio coordinator to use the studio.

What about Studio Conduct?

Be responsible. Clean up, be careful, and remember it’s SHARED space. Be considerate of others who are working in the studio. One way to be considerate is not to prop the doors open. When you prop open a door, anyone can enter the studio. Anyone. Think about how scary it would be to encounter a stranger when you’re alone in a studio at night.