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Sophomore Review

What is it?

You’ve been here for two years already — can you believe it? The Sophomore Review is an opportunity to pause and take stock of how far you’ve come and what you can do to become the creative practitioner you want to become. While the Stamps faculty is always here to help you by offering advice and suggestions, the Sophomore Review formalizes this process. It serves as part of your professional development and prepares you for other important assessments, such as performance reviews in your career and/or critiques in graduate school.

What: An oral presentation about your work to date in the program, enhanced by images and actual work when possible. 
Who:  You present your work to an ad hoc faculty committee of three.
When does it happen:  April of Sophomore Year.

How do I prepare for my Sophomore Review?

The Second Year studio (ARTDES 220) is designed, in part, to help you prepare for the review. That said, preparation starts long before you’re a second-semester sophomore — and much of it unfolds without you even realizing it. You start your freshman year by keeping track of your progress and documenting your work each term. You will work with your advisor to prepare for this milestone of your creative development. Your third, fourth, and fifth meetings are of particular importance.

In the winter term of your sophomore year, you’ll receive detailed information about the review and, at least four weeks before your review date, you’ll set up a meeting with your advisor to go over your presentation.  In March, you’ll need to supply the following materials to your faculty committee: your résumé, website link, statements about your work, and reflections on your development to date.

Still nervous? Schedule time to chat with the Stamps Peer Advisors. They’ve been through the process and are more than happy to talk to you about their experience.

Is Sophomore Review required?

Yes, a successful Sophomore Review is required for continuation in the program.

You’ll receive a copy of the sophomore review report by email in May. Students who perform unsatisfactorily on their Sophomore Reviews may be asked to re-review the first Friday after school begins in the fall; some may be asked to take time off or improve deficiencies prior to advancing; and a very small minority may be directed to leave the program. These reviews are a significant professional and creative milestone. 

Are the reviews open to the public?

Yes, and students — particularly first-year students — are encouraged to attend.