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Undergraduate Handbook

Registration Overview

How and when do I register for courses?

The University Office of the Registrar assigns registration appointment times through Wolverine Access. At U-M, seniors register first followed by juniors, sophomores, and then freshmen. The more credits you have earned, the better chance you have of an earlier registration date.

How do I know when I register?

Students find their registration appointment times through the “Student Center” in Wolverine Access.

Early registration for winter term classes takes place in late November and early December.
Early registration for spring, summer, and fall terms takes place in late March and early April.

How does it work?

1. Gather Information!

  • Prior to registration, attend the Stamps Course Previews in November and March, to get valuable information on the upcoming semester. Students are emailed information about the date and time — usually just before backpacking begins. Students who attend get an advance copy of the course schedule. The course schedule and course descriptions are posted on the Stamps website within the next day or two: stamps.umich.edu/courses
  • The LSA online course guide is available to students approximately in mid-October and mid-March: www.lsa.umich.edu/cg
  • The full University course schedule is available through Wolverine Access and in the University Registrar’s Schedule of Classes at www.umich.edu/~regoff/timesched
  • Talk to the peer advisors about their classes and experiences.

2. Talk with your academic advisor or faculty mentor!

  • First and second year students have time to talk with their assigned advisors during their regularly scheduled meetings. Third and fourth year students are expected to work with their faculty mentors, but your assigned advisor is available if the need arises (see the Advising section for details). There are many subtleties to the variety of Stamps requirements, and students are responsible for meeting them. Asking advisors to review course decisions is good insurance against a poor decision.

3. Register!

Other Things to Know

Stamps majors are guaranteed spaces in the required freshman and sophomore Stamps courses. This does not mean you are guaranteed the section you want.

Stamps students register for University electives in the same manner as other students without guarantee of space availability.

Sometimes courses get canceled or rescheduled. Keep your eyes on your email!

Changes made to the Stamps schedule between registration and the beginning of the next term are updated periodically on the Stamps website, on Wolverine Access, and are posted on a bulletin board outside the Smucker Wagstaff Academic Programs Center (SWAPC) at the beginning of the term.