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Undergraduate Handbook


What if a course is closed? Can I get an override?

Students can gain access to closed courses via overrides (class permissions). Note that requesting an override does not guarantee you will get it. Send your request for all ARTDES course overrides to artdes-overrides@umich.edu.

How do overrides and waitlists work?

Courses in Stamps are restricted to 19 students. If the course is closed when you try to register, get on the waitlist. This part is tricky. BEFORE you add a course to your backpack, check the box that says “add me to the waitlist if closed” or (something like that). Then, if the course is closed by the time you register, you are on the waitlist. If you forgot to do this before you added the course to your backpack, you will not be added to the waitlist.

If a space becomes available before classes begin, Joann, the assistant dean, will authorize the course to be filled from the waitlist. This means you will get an email with “permission to register” in the subject line. This is an override. It applies only to a specific section of a course and it often expires in 24 hours. Use it or lose it.

Key takeaway: a student who wishes to enroll in a closed Stamps course must place his/her name on the waitlist via Wolverine Access.

What about LSA courses?

It’s complicated. Each LSA department has a different procedure. Add your name to the waitlist and cross your fingers.

What if I don’t receive an override?

Students who do not receive an override by the first day of classes should attend the first class meeting and request an override from the professor. This goes for just about every class at the University. After classes have begun, your Stamps instructor will authorize your override. Again, look for “permission to register” in your mailbox. If it’s not there, remind your professor. Students should contact representatives in other academic units to inquire about the policies for enrolling in closed courses in those units.

Once I have the override, how do I use it?

If you have received an override for a course, verify the course number and the section number, then go to Wolverine Access and enroll in the course. The course will be closed, but Wolverine Access will recognize your UMID number and allow you to register. Getting an override, aka “permission to register,” does not mean you are enrolled. It means you may enroll.

If you CANNOT register for the course despite having an override, it may be because:

  1. You are still on the electronic waitlist. Solution: Drop yourself from the waitlist (use the “drop” feature on Wolverine Access), then try to register for the course. Remember that a course goes first into the backpack and then to registration.
  2. You are trying to register for the wrong course or section. Solution: Go back to the email you received announcing the override. Look carefully at the course number and section number.
  3. Your override has expired. Solution: Go back to the email you received announcing the override. Look carefully at the expiration date on the override. If it has expired, write the person who gave you the override and ask for a new override. Good luck!
  4. You may be trying to register for more than 18 credits. Solution: If that’s intentional, keep in mind this will increase your tuition, and Joann’s approval is required. If it’s not, drop one of your classes.
  5. You may have a hold on your record. Solution: Check Wolverine Access, under “Student Center,” to see what type of hold it is and take care of it.
What if a course is canceled?

The Stamps School may occasionally find it necessary to cancel scheduled courses, and reserves the right to cancel any course which has an enrollment of fewer than 10 students. Students are notified via email regarding a canceled course, and must drop the course through Wolverine Access to remove the course entry from their record. It’s perfectly OK to ask peer advisors or your assigned advisor to help you find a replacement course.

How are credit hours determined?

On average, for a lecture course, one credit hour represents one hour in class and two hours of preparation per week for a full term (double the hours per week for a half term).

For a studio course, one credit hour represents two hours per week in class plus an hour of outside work. Everyone knows that Stamps students work even harder than that.