Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Handbook

Metals Studio and Sculpture Studio

Matt Bierl - Materials Fabrication Studio Coordinator

Matt Bierl is the Materials Fabrication Studio Coordinator for Sculpture and Prototyping. He is available to advise, assist, and guide Stamps Students with their making and thinking about making. You will be consulting him if your project involves mold­making, sculpture building, casting, fabricating, welding, modeling, CNC routing, 3D printing, installations, prop building, model­making, and other 3D processes for objects bigger than a ham sandwich. If you don’t know where to start, start with Matt. Email Matt

Metals Studio

The Metals Studio (rooms 1258, 1262) is where you’ll go for large metals processes such as welding, forging, soldering, casting, and enameling; and the Cold Shop for cold­forming, shearing, cutting, milling, lathing, grinding, and to use the CNC Plasma Cutter. This is where you will come for all your large metalworking needs.

Sculpture Studio

The Sculpture Studio (rooms 1258, 1262, 1259) is home to the Stamps School foundry, which is where you’ll be able to discover how to cast objects in bronze and aluminum. It also has facilities for clay modeling, woodworking, large-scale sculpture, prototyping, and plastic casting. If you are taking a course on 3D anatomy, bronze sculpture, contemporary sculpture, or experimental architecture, you will be spending a lot of time here. And while you’re here, you’ll find out about powder­coating equipment, vacuum pots for degassing silicones, wax­filled stainless steel vats, and Tig welders. You can gain access to the studio by enrolling in a studio­based course or by requesting access from studio coordinator Matt Bierl.