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Undergraduate Handbook

Integrative Project and BA Capstone

What is IP? What is the Capstone?

The Integrative Project (IP) is the required course taken fall and winter terms by Art & Design and Interarts Performance BFA students. The BA Capstone is the equivalent year-long course for BA students, but it is optional.

When do I get to take IP/Capstone?

To be eligible to enroll in IP, Art and Design BFA students need to have completed 54 studio credits; Interarts students need to have completed 48 studio credits. This means students will take IP their senior year, and must pass both semesters of IP to be eligible for graduation. BA students who are scheduled to graduate at the end of winter or summer terms may enroll in the BA Capstone.

Are there reviews for IP students?

Yes. The IP Critique, which takes place in December, serves to critique the student’s progress midway through IP, allowing for constructive advice from various faculty members about the student’s project. Details regarding preparation for the IP Critiques are discussed in the individual IP classes. Capstone students do not have a December review.

Where do I work?

This is the year you get your own piece of real estate. The Stamps Studios on the first floor are for IP and Capstone students.