Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Handbook

Independent Study

What’s independent study?

For passionately curious students with a specific idea of what they’d like to study, independent study can be a good option. Basically, you’re proposing your own course and charting your own path under the mentorship/advice of a faculty member.

Who can take an independent study?

Juniors and seniors with a 3.5 grade point wanting to explore a particular topic.

How many credits is it worth?

Each independent study opportunity is worth a maximum of 3 credits.

How do I get an independent study?
  1. Develop a written proposal, which should include a proposal statement, course objectives, project list, bibliography, list of artists cited, and due dates, as well as logistical information on how you plan to carry out the work. Your proposal statement (aka an abstract) should be about 250 words long.
  2. Get a faculty member to agree to sponsor the project.
  3. Have him/her sign the Independent Study Proposal and Instructions Form.
  4. Email all documents to the Assistant Dean for approval.

Students register for Independent Study (ARTDES 350) after they receive the override.