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Undergraduate Handbook

Graduation Application & Commencement

Do I have to apply to graduate?

Yes. Graduation is not automatic. Seriously.

Seniors must schedule an appointment with the Assistant Dean (aka Joann) for their senior audit one semester before the term they plan to graduate. Just do it in September or October when she sends out the email about it.

Seniors may apply for graduation up to a year in advance of the semester they plan to graduate, but students must apply for graduation before the last day of classes of the term in which they wish to graduate.

How do I apply?

Applications are completed online through Student Business in Wolverine Access. Students who need assistance applying for graduation will want to take their problems to the Registrar’s Office.

How (and when) do I register for Commencement?

No one needs to “register” for Commencement. Applying to graduate takes care of that. If you or your parents want to see your name in the U-M Commencement program, you need to apply for graduation by October 15 (for December graduation) and by February 15 (for April graduation).

What happens at the Stamps Graduation Ceremony?

The Stamps School of Art & Design’s Graduation Recognition Ceremony and Reception is held at 2 pm on the same Saturday as University Commencement ceremonies, in late April or early May. It honors each individual graduate, and allows our new alumni to introduce their families to Stamps faculty and staff. All students who apply to graduate within the calendar year (winter, spring, summer, or fall) are allowed to walk at the Stamps School’s commencement.

All graduating seniors are given the opportunity to make brief remarks as they cross the stage. It’s a small event, very sociable and relaxed. And no one is forced to talk — except for the official graduation speaker.