Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Handbook

Grades and Grading Policies

What is the average GPA at Stamps?

The average GPA in Stamps and within the greater University is above a 3.0.

What is the lowest passing grade at Stamps?

The lowest passing grade in the Stamps School is a D-.

How are grades computed?

The term grade point average and the cumulative grade point average are computed at the end of each term and indicated on the academic record. The grade point average is computed by dividing Michigan Honor Points (MHP) earned by the number of graded Michigan Semester Hours (MSA) attempted. (Courses completed at other colleges and universities are not calculated in the U-M grade point average.)


Grades are valued per hour of credit as shown below:

A+ 4.0
A 4.0
A-  3.7
B+  3.3
B  3.0
B- 2.7
C+ 2.3
C 2.0
C- 1.7
D+ 1.3
D 1.0
D- 0.7
E 0.0
NR/ED 0.0 (unofficial drop)
I 0.0 (Incomplete)

Until replaced by a passing grade, notations of I, NR, or ED are computed into the term and cumulative grade point averages as if they were failing grades.

The following grade notations do not affect grade point averages:

P Passed: credit, no honor points
F Failed: no credit, no honor points (a grade of C- or better must be earned for a ["P"] pass.)
CR Credit: credit, no honor points
NC No Credit: no credit, no honor points
S Satisfactory: credit, no honor points
U Unsatisfactory: no credit, no honor points
W Official Withdrawal: no credit, no honor points
VI Visitor/Official Audit: no credit, no honor points
Can I audit a course?

The Stamps School of Art & Design does not allow students to audit courses.

How do I get my grades?

Grades are available electronically on the unofficial transcript in “Student Business” through Wolverine Access. Students are responsible for checking that their grades have been posted and that they are accurate. Questions about a grade should be directed to the faculty member assigning the grade. Faculty email addresses are available online.

Although the University does not require mid-term grade reports, faculty in the Stamps School often prepare mid-term reports during the seventh week of the fall and winter terms, identifying students who have potential academic problems such as excessive absences, incomplete assignments, or inadequate work.

What is an Incomplete?

Stamps students are expected to complete courses in the term in which the courses are taken. However, if the instructor agrees, an incomplete (“I”) grade may be assigned. This means the student has extra time to complete the work and earn a grade. No one is entitled to an incomplete and granting one is not automatic.

Here are the circumstances that allow an incomplete:

  1. the student has already done 2/3 of the work and is passing
  2. the student is unable to complete the work of the course before grades are due
  3. the grade of incomplete provides no undue advantage to the student over other students.

The work must be completed before the last day of classes of the next fall or winter term in residence, or the grade of “I” will lapse to an “E.” Do not try to figure out this date by yourself. It will make you crazy. Instead, go look at the academic calendar at the front of this book. Once an incomplete has lapsed to an “E” it cannot be changed to a passing grade.

Students who take an incomplete in any course may be assigned probation.

What is the Pass/Fail Grade Option?

Stamps School students may elect courses on a pass/fail basis under the following conditions:

  • Only juniors and seniors qualify (except for courses offered pass/fail only).
  • The cumulative grade point average must be 2.0 or above.
  • Only non-Stamps School elective courses may be elected for pass/fail.
  • Only one course per term may be chosen.
  • Students may not change registration from graded to pass/fail after the drop/add deadline (three weeks for regular term, two for short term).
  • Pass/fail courses earn credit but are not calculated in the grade point average.
  • Instructors are not notified of pass/fail elections; they report letter grades for all students.
  • The University Office of the Registrar translates the letter grade to “P” or “F.” Grades of “A” through “C-” are posted as “P”; grades of “D+” through “E” are posted as “F.” If students elect the pass/fail option improperly, they jeopardize their graduation. This means do not take a course P/F during your last semester unless you KNOW that you can make at least a C-.