Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Handbook

Elective Studio Course Requirements

How many Elective Studio Courses do I get to take?

BFA students: 13 Elective studios (39 credits)
BA students: 7 Elective studios (21 credits)

When do I take my Elective Studio Courses?

Students begin their elective studios sophomore year.

Are there requirements around what kinds of studio courses I can take?

BFA students, throughout your 4 years you must complete:

  • 4 200 level studio courses
  • 4 300 level studio courses
  • 1 400 level elective studio
  • 1 Engagement studio (ArtDes 310-319)
  • 3 more elective studios (any level)*

*Students may take three ARTDES mini-courses in place of one of these studios.

BA students, throughout your 4 years, you must complete:

  • 2 200 level studio courses
  • 2 300 level studio courses
  • 1 400 level studio course
  • 1 Engagement studio (ArtDes 310-319)
  • 1 Elective studio (any level)
Where can I find a list of Stamps Elective Studio Courses?

Go to curriculum-designer.com to explore Stamps offerings.

Studio Courses Outside Stamps

BFA Students may take two courses (6 credits) outside Stamps that count as studio credit toward graduation. BA students may take only one (3 credits). Studio courses taken abroad during the required international experience are considered as ArtDes (in Stamps) credits.

Course Title
ARCH 218 Visual Studies
ARCH 312 Architectural Design
MECHENG 250 Design & Manufacturing I
MUSMETH 406 Museum Methods
PAT 201 Intro to Computer Music
PAT 221 Computer Music
PAT 280 Sound Reinforcement
PAT 331 Sound Recording I
PAT 380 Sound for Theatre
RCARTS 285 Photography
RCARTS 286 Sculpture
RCARTS 287 Printmaking
RCARTS 289 Ceramics
RCARTS 385 Interdisciplinary Photographic Applications
RCARTS 389 Ceramics Theory and Criticism
SAC 290 Intro to Media Production
SAC 300 Dramatic Narrative I
SAC 304 Topics in Media Production
SAC 306 New Media Practices I
SAC 400 Dramatic Narrative II
SAC 406 New Media Practices II
THTREMUS 240 Intro to Design
THTREMUS 256 Lighting Design I
THTREMUS 260 Scene Design I
THTREMUS 263 Design Rendering
THTREMUS 270 Costume Design I
THTREMUS 285 Introduction to Puppetry
THTREMUS 356 Lighting Design II
THTREMUS 360 Scene Design II
THTREMUS 370 Costume Design II
UARTS 250 Creative Process