Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Handbook


What if I need to drop or add a course?

You have three weeks! Students may drop or add a course on Wolverine Access until the third week of classes during the regular terms without penalty or charge. Courses dropped during this time period do not appear on the student’s transcript. Check your U-M email!

Students who add a Stamps course after the first full week of classes without the instructor’s consent may find that they are liable for all work done in the course from the beginning of the term. Aack!

What happens after the third week?

The Late Drop/Add process in Wolverine Access allows students to submit a late drop/add request electronically. The request is automatically routed to the student’s School/College, instructor, and academic advisor. Courses dropped after the third week deadline are noted on the student’s transcript by a “W.”

When’s the last day to withdraw?

Please consult the academic calendar at the front of this book. The dates are on it (November and March). Joann will send a reminder by email (yet one more reason to read your email). Students may not withdraw from a course after the ninth week of classes unless they present evidence that the reason for withdrawal is not academic, was unforeseen, and did not exist before the withdrawal deadline. Students who wish to withdraw from a class after the deadline really need to meet with Joann.

Keep in mind: non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal from a course! Students who decide not to attend a course must officially drop or withdraw from it.

Other Things To Know
  • Students may not receive credit for the same course twice (except for the lecture series).
  • Students must be registered for the correct section number of a course in order to receive credit and a grade.
  • Students must officially drop a course, or sections of a course, that is canceled or one that they do not attend. Otherwise, the course will remain on the student’s record and will result in a grade of E.
  • After registering or dropping and adding courses, check your schedule for accuracy. It is a good idea to print and keep a copy of changes.
Can I request a course substitution or a waiver of requirements?

Yes. And there’s a form for it. But you knew that. On our website (stamps.umich.edu/undergraduate-current/forms). Substitutions for foundation year courses, and the race and ethnicity (RE) and upper level writing (ULWR) requirements are very rarely allowed. Waivers of requirements are almost never allowed.

Petitions for exceptions to any graduation requirements must be submitted to Joann, the Assistant Dean for Academic Programs.

What courses do not apply toward graduation?

Courses in physical education, military science, and in music or vocal performance as part of a group do not meet any graduation requirements for the BFA or the BA in Art & Design. The credit earned in these courses does not apply to graduation from the Stamps School of Art & Design. Acting does though. So does individual music performance and dance.

Any Stamps courses designated for “non-majors” (that is, ARTDES 170-189) cannot be counted toward graduation.

What GPA do I need to graduate?

Students must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA and a 2.0 minimum GPA in their major. No appeals can be made against these requirements.