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If I’m a student with a learning disability, how do I get extra time to finish my work?

The Stamps School wants to help you; a lot of us have physical, mental, and learning problems. But, in order for us to be effective and fair in our accommodations, we need you to do your part. You MUST register with the University Office of Services for Students with Disabilities. The OSSD is located at G-664 Haven Hall on South State Street Hall, phone 763-3000, and on the web at www.umich.edu/~sswd

Can I present my registration with OSSD at any time during the course?

Not exactly. OSSD will give you a VISA form to show your teachers. You can make copies of it in the SWAPC office for free. We’ll even keep a copy for you if you want us to. Show the VISA to your teacher within the first three weeks of school — earlier if you need accommodation for something. Do not wait until after the fact. If you have a disability that, for example, requires a very quiet room for test taking, do not wait until after the test. Sounds obvious, right? It isn’t. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Faculty are free to contact the Assistant Dean (that would be Joann) for help in accommodating for eligible students. And you’re only eligible if you have the VISA.

What help does the Offices of Services for Students with Disabilities provide?

The Office of Services for Students with Disabilities:

  • Offers selected student services, which are not provided by other University offices or outside organizations. Services are free of charge. They can help with note-taking or arrange for an interpreter.
  • Assists students in negotiating disability-related barriers to the pursuit of their education. You’ll value this if you find yourself on crutches during the winter.
  • Strives to improve access to University programs, activities, and facilities for students with disabilities.
  • Promotes increased awareness of disability issues on campus.