Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Handbook

Digital Print Lab, ECHO: Equipment Checkout Office, Photo/Video Studio, and Video Lab

Matthew Pritchard - Digital Studio Coordinator

Matthew is the resident digital media expert. If you have questions about Photoshop, Illustrator, digital printing, photography, video installations, animation — you name it — he’s the one to talk to. Matthew oversees the Photo/Video Studio, the Video Lab, the Digital Print Lab, and ECHO. You can usually find him in his office or lending a hand in one of his studios. Email Matthew

Digital Print Lab

The Digital Print Lab (room 2125) is available to all currently enrolled Stamps students, faculty, and staff. The Lab is equipped with archival inkjet printers that have been calibrated to provide the very best color reproduction. You may use the lab equipment for your course­ and portfolio work after attending a simple orientation given by Matthew Pritchard.

ECHO: Equipment Checkout Office

The Equipment Checkout Office - or ECHO, for short — (room 2144) provides Stamps students, faculty, and staff with a wide variety of resources at no cost to the user. ECHO focuses primarily on offering audio/visual equipment, but it also provides a range of drawing and animation tools. Users may borrow resources on the spot or place a reservation online ahead of time. Reservations for the Photo/Video Studio are made through ECHO, too.

Photo/Video Studio

The Photo/Video Studio (room 2006) is designed to meet a variety of art and design needs and is open to all Stamps students. Use it to document your finished work, for large scale photo/video shoots, or as a temporary installation studio. Students may reserve time in the studio through ECHO, either for shared sessions or for private shoots.

Video Lab

The Video Lab (room 2114) is outfitted with 21 computers and the software needed to support all Stamps audio, video, and animation courses. Students may use the lab equipment for their course and portfolio work, or simply to plug their personal laptops into the Lab iMacs via a Thunderbolt cable and have it act as a second monitor. The Lab is open Monday­–Friday, 8:00 am–5:00 pm. After hours access is available if you submit an Access Request Form to coordinator Matthew Pritchard.