Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Handbook

Degree Progress Overview

How do I keep track of my degree progress?

The BA or BFA Audit/Progress Toward Degree form or the BA or BFA Checklist. Both are available on the Stamps website. Students in the BFA or BA degree programs can use the “Advisement Report” on Wolverine Access. This is also called an Electronic Degree Audit. Interarts and MDPP (dual degree) students must use the old-school paper and pencil.

How do I know it’s correct?

Peer advisors can help with this. Drop by during peer advisor office hours and get them to help you. Your academic advisor can then check it for you.

What is a Senior Audit?

The semester (usually fall) before they plan to graduate, seniors meet with their academic advisor to review their graduation status and to confirm a plan to complete all degree requirements. This is the official senior audit. The meeting is mandatory.