Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Handbook

Class Standing

How does class standing work at the University?

For the purposes of financial aid and registration appointments, the following number of credits earned toward a degree determines class standing:

Freshman 0 - 24 credit hours
Sophomore 25 - 54 credit hours
Junior 55 - 84 credit hours
Senior 85 credit hours or more

At the University of Michigan, full-time undergraduate enrollment is defined as 12-18 credit hours per term; 6-9 credit hours in a half term. Federal guidelines for financial aid and University guidelines for academic progress, however, require a minimum of only 12 credits per term. Students must obtain special permission from the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs to register for more than 18 credits. Registering for more than 18 credits incurs an additional tuition charge.

How does class standing work at Stamps?

Class standing in the Stamps undergraduate curriculum is different from class standing by University designation.

First Year You started this year
Second Year You aren’t in your first year any longer, but haven’t yet done your Sophomore Review
Third Year You’ve done your Sophomore Review
Senior Year You’re graduating this year, in IP or BA Capstone or have 96+ credits

Students may make up coursework during the spring/summer either at the U-M or at another school or program in the U.S. or abroad. Students may not take any studio courses after they have completed IP.