Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Handbook

Class Participation

What happens if I miss the first two classes in a course?

Students are expected to attend every meeting of every class, both studio and academic. Students must attend the first two class meetings of a course in order to retain their place in the course. If you can’t make it to class for the first two sessions you are either in the hospital or stranded in some airport somewhere.

Any student who has been absent for either of the first two class periods, without first notifying the faculty member and getting his/her consent, risks losing his/her place in that course. These places may be reassigned to students on the waitlist. If a student’s space in a course is reassigned to another student, the student is responsible for dropping the course from his/her own record through Wolverine Access. So to answer your next question: Yes, they can do that.

Can I use my cell phone while in class?

No, not unless your instructor has asked you to as part of a class assignment. Otherwise, please keep your phones on silent and tucked away.

I think my instructor has said/done some pretty inappropriate things in class and it makes me uncomfortable but I don’t want to call him/her on it.

This is really serious. No one in our Stamps community wants to experience harassment, bias, abuse, proselytism, or any other behavior inappropriate in class. And we don’t want that for our students, either. If you believe a faculty or staff member has acted in such a way, please see Joann. ASAP. Your statement will be taken seriously and will be kept confidential (unless the law requires otherwise). It may be hard to take a stand, but you won’t be the only person your voice helps.

Is it okay to submit a Penny Stamps slip for someone else?

No. That’s cheating.