Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Handbook

Ceramics Studio and Fibers Studio

John Leyland - Ceramics Studio Coordinator, Fibers Studio Coordinator

John Leyland, MFA, is the coordinator for two studios: Ceramics and Fibers. He has been a ceramic artist for over 20 years, so you know you can depend on him to provide full technical support whenever you use the Ceramics Studio and to share his extensive knowledge of all the materials and processes you need to throw a vase or build a sculpture by hand. See him, too, about access to the sewing, weaving, printing and dyeing rooms in Fibers. Email John

Ceramics Studio

Enter the ceramics studio (rooms 1269, 1270) and discover everything you need to know about clays, glazes, mold­making, kilns, and clay sculpture. It is home to 15 electric wheels, a kick wheel, and a large hand-building space equipped with two extruders, a slab roller, and a digital 3-D Potter for large scale sculptural work. Facilities also include a glaze room, a spray booth, eleven indoor kilns (including a digital Blaauw kiln) as well as 3 outdoor kilns for soda, wood, and raku firings. Students work with multiple water based clays in all firing ranges, all made here in the studio.

Fibers Studio

Three rooms comprise the fibers studio (rooms 1068, 1075B, 1076): The Weaving Studio with its 22 Macomber Looms, winders and umbrella swifts (to name a few); The Print and Dye Studio; and The Sewing Studio, home to 18 sewing machines, Serger and a Barudan digital embroidery machine.

Students can weave large or small-scale projects on 2 sizes of looms, screen print and dye practically anything, and make patterns to sew projects that range from industrial design, quilts, clothing, and soft sculpture. The possibilities are unlimited.