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BFA in Interarts Performance

What is Interarts Performance?

Interarts is a unique interdisciplinary undergraduate degree jointly offered by the Stamps School of Art & Design and the Department of Theatre & Drama in the School of Music, Theatre & Dance.

Are the graduation requirements the same as the BFA and BA?

No. 130 credits are required to graduate. 66 studio credits and 64 academic credits. Students who plan to graduate in four years are expected to complete an average of 16-17 credits per term.

BFA in Interarts Performance Curriculum

How do I tailor the Interarts Performance degree to fit my interests?

In this program, you will forge an entirely customized, individual path under the mentorship of the Interarts Performance mentors and advisors: Holly Hughes (Stamps/SMTD), Andy Kirshner (Stamps/SMTD), and Christianne Myers (SMTD). Assistant Dean Joann McDaniel is the Interarts advisor for Stamps and academic courses.

As exciting as a tailor-made path is, Interarts Performance students are required to bring both schools together. It’s a big responsibility and requires proactive, engaged stewardship on your part. While your cohort of Interarts peers will serve as a tight-knit creative network, your individual interests, passions, and talents will inform your curricular path through the program.

What courses will I take?

Studio Courses (Interarts)

Interarts Performance majors complete 24 credits of introductory courses, split evenly between Stamps School courses and Theatre & Drama courses. Twelve of the credits are in required courses: ArtDes 125, ArtDes220, ThtreMus 101, and ThtreMus 240, 250, or 256. More advanced coursework may be substituted on a case-by-case basis when deemed appropriate by the Interarts faculty.

Interarts Performance majors complete 30 credits of advanced studio coursework, split evenly between Stamps School courses and Theatre & Drama courses, and 12 credits of the Integrative Project (IP), the capstone year-long course taken fall and winter terms of the BFA student’s final year.

For more information on requirements, talk to an Interarts professor.

Sample Plan of Study: Interarts Performance

Note: required courses are in red/underlined.

First Year
Fall Semester credits
Interarts Forum (INTPERF 160) 1
Live Art Survey (INTPERF 150) 3
Introductory Studio (ARTDES 100, 115, 120) 3
Acting One (THTREMUS 101) 3
Art & Design in Context (ARTDES 150) 3
Stamps Lecture Series (ARTDES 160) 1
Academic Elective 3-4
Total 17-18
Winter Semester credits
Interarts Forum (INTPERF 160) 1
Introductory Studio (THTREMUS 240, 250, 256) 3
Theatre/Drama Academic (THTREMUS Elective) 3
Studio 4D (ARTDES 125) 3
Stamps Lecture Series (ARTDES 160) 1
Academic Elective 3-4
Academic Elective 3-4
Total 17-18

THE SUMMARY: The first year is all about getting your bearings, meeting your cohort, and learning what resources you have at your disposal. You will be laying the groundwork to get the most out of your upper-level coursework.

INTERARTS TIPS: When choosing your classes each term, check in with your Interarts faculty mentors and fellow students in the program. Also, you do have required courses as part of this program; it’s best to “front-load” those in your Freshmen/Sophomore year to allow you to acclimate to the program. We recommend that you take the First Year Writing Requirement (FYWR) in your first year.

Checklist: Interarts Performance

Here's a handy checklist to make sure you're on track to graduate.

PDF Icon Interarts Checklist (PDF)