Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Handbook

Beyond the Studio

Interview at Portfolio Expo
Enter the Juried Student Show
Participate in a résumé workshop
Go to a writing workshop/tutorial in Stamps (not Sweetland)
Participate in portfolio preparation & presentation workshop
Graduate from Career Bootcamp
Attend a Stamps town hall meeting
Apply for a Stamps School scholarship
Meet with an academic peer advisor
Meet with an international peer advisor
Ask for (and receive) a letter of recommendation from a faculty member
Identify — officially — two faculty mentors
Thank, in writing, everyone who wrote you a letter of recommendation
Curate an exhibition
Sit in on an IP consultation
Go to a relaxation workshop here in Stamps
Participate in Makeathon
Participate in Hackathon
Visit the Faculty Studios
Help install an exhibition
Design (or help design) an exhibition
Exhibit your work outside of Stamps
Sell any work you made or designed (in class or out of class)
Complete an internship
Write a thank-you note to a Stamps donor
Take a faculty member out for coffee (or tea)
Attend more than two Wonderful Wednesday events
Keep all six of your required advising meetings
Have tea with Guna in Work Commons
Complete your senior audit
Have an Alumni Face-to-Face
Attend an opening
Attend an opening by an artist you didn’t already know
Help out with Campus Day or Admissions call outs
Give a tour of Stamps to a stranger
Observe a sophomore review
Attend a Q and A after the Penny Stamps lecture
Eat dinner with a Penny Stamps speaker
Attend a cultural event that is not part of your culture
Participate in an MLK Jr. Day activity on MLK Jr. Day
Help with TED-X
Join IDSA, AIGA, ThinkSlate, the Print Club, the Ceramics Club, the Animation Club, etc.
Create (and maintain) your website
Attend the IP/Capstone Extravaganza
Visit the IP/Capstone studios
Update your résumé
Do the creative work for a U-M publication (the Daily, Shei magazine...)
Document changes to your own creative practice