Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Handbook


Every student is assigned an academic advisor at orientation. Early in your third year, you will identify two faculty members to serve as your mentors. Academic advisors and faculty mentors at the Stamps School of Art & Design will coach you in these key areas:

  1. your individualized program of study
  2. your career trajectory
  3. the development of your practice as artists/designers

Your academic advisor is required to meet with you on six separate occasions to mark your progress in these areas: program of study, career preparation, and development of your creative practice. The first meeting takes place at orientation. Later meetings are also at critical points in your college career.

Brian Banks - Academic Advisor & Diversity and Inclusion Advisor

In addition to being the academic advisor for his assigned students, Brian is the primary advisor for the minor in art and design. As the Diversity and Inclusion Advisor, Brian creates and manages programs related to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion and helps keep our Stamps community focused on those values. He is the staff sponsor of Stamps in Color and is here to assist any Stamper interested in creating or working with any student organization. Email Brian

Romy Hill-Cronin - Academic Advisor and Assistant to the Asst. Dean

When Romy is not gently guiding her advisees through the ups and down of college life, she supports the Assistant Dean in managing special projects and difficult situations that students may be having. Any student is welcome to meet with her to discuss sensitive situations or matters that may need special treatment. She also has expertise advising students on international study and using M-Compass. Email Romy

John Luther - Career Development Coordinator & Academic Advisor

John addresses the academic advising needs of his assigned students. He is also the School’s Career Development Coordinator and meets with all students to help them build a solid base for future employment. He also handles transfer credit questions/issues and coordinates the Sophomore Review. So, whether you are looking for a job, an internship, advice on networking or just figuring out what counts as Analytical Reasoning for the math phobic... John can handle it. Email John

Joann McDaniel - Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs

Joann leads the advising team and is the assigned advisor for dually admitted students and to students in Interarts Performance. She also manages appeals, hears student complaints (and tries to resolve them), and maintains the academic standards. Email Joann