Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Handbook

Academic Support in Stamps

These Stamps staff members are here to support your research, scholarship, and wellbeing.

Jamie Vander Broek - Art & Design Librarian

Jamie Vander Broek works with you to support your research and learning needs. Her knowledge of how to get the resources you really need for that research paper or project is vast and invaluable, so take advantage of it! And if you have a project focusing on exhibiting work, have a talk with her because she also develops and coordinates exhibits. She’s available in person, by email, and online. Email Jamie

Karen Henry - Counseling Psychologist & Therapist

Karen Henry is our very own counseling psychologist and therapist. She’s attached to CAPS, but works specifically with art, design, and architecture students, and is sensitive to your world and your concerns. Her office, located in our building, is a haven for those moments when a listening ear is needed. For appointments, reach out to her by email. Email Karen

Jennifer Metsker - Writing Coordinator

Jennifer specializes in helping art and design students use writing to enhance their creative practice. She is a writer and visual artist and teaches the upper-level writing course for Stamps students. Email Jennifer