Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Handbook

Academic Integrity and Student Conduct

Students enrolled in the Stamps School are subject to University regulations concerning student affairs, conduct, and discipline. In the Stamps School, Assistant Dean Joann McDaniel coordinates all matters related to student conduct within the School. We’re talking about cheating and dishonesty, yes, but also a lot of other things that can undermine a strong community.

Faculty report violations of academic conduct standards in writing to the Assistant Dean, who will email the student that a change has been made and invite the student to meet with her to explain the conduct in question. Students must respond to this request within 72 hours.

A student who is charged and found guilty of academic misconduct is subject to sanctions ranging from a failing grade to suspension or dismissal. Academic misconduct includes but is not limited to the behavior listed in this section.

The Assistant Dean maintains a record of all Stamps students found guilty of academic misconduct.

Stamps Students Accused of Plagiarism in LSA Courses

Under the joint agreement between LSA and the Stamps School regarding academic misconduct, Stamps students who are accused of misconduct in LSA classes will be adjudicated and punished by the LSA Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education, who notifies Stamps Assistant Dean Joann McDaniel of the misconduct and penalty. Joann may impose further penalties.

Students who are found guilty of academic misconduct in the second instance should consider dismissal a real possibility. See the section on dismissal in this handbook. In such a case, the decision to dismiss is made unanimously by the Dean, Associate Dean, and Assistant Dean.