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Course Fees and Student Expense Reimbursements

This document is intended for use by students and faculty at the Penny Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan to provide an overview of and protocol for course fees, refunds and student expense reimbursements.

Learn more about reimbursement procedures at Stamps in the Finance Office FAQ.

Discretionary Grants

Graduate students receive $2,000 per year to spend at their individual discretion to support their educational projects.  Funds that are unspent at the end of the year roll over to the next year.  These funds are administered by the Finance Office in compliance with University regulations regarding the distribution of funds of this kind.  Guidelines for the expenditure of these funds must comply with guidelines in the University Standard Practice Guide.

Event ID Generation

An Event Identification Number (Event ID) is a unique number that allows for the tracking of all expenses related to a single trip.  The University requires an Event ID number for all travel transactions.  If you are planning to travel on University business you must create an Event ID.  Instructions can be found on the Procurement Services website


FAQ - Finance Office

Check here for answers to the most frequently asked Finance Office questions.

Hiring Temporary Staff/Contractors

If you require temporary staffing or the assistance of a contractor, please consult with the A&D Dean’s Office. You should not pay temporary staff/contractors out of pocket under any circumstance, as University policy may not allow reimbursement.

Procurement Request Form

This form needs to be completed so the Stamps School Finance Office can review and approve all requests for discretionary spending during this pandemic. 

Receipt Reimbursement Form

Learn more about reimbursement procedures at Stamps in the Finance Office FAQ.

Travel and Hosting Policies

The University’s travel and hosting policy outlines the type of expenses and limits that allowable when using University funds.  It is important that you review and understand the policy before traveling on University business.  You will be held personally responsible for any expenses that do not comply with policy.  Exceptions cannot be made.

For detailed information on UM’s travel expense policies for Concur users (employees) and non-Concur users (non-employees), please see the links below from the University of Michigan Standard Practice Guide:

Travel and Business Hosting Expense Policies and Procedures for Concur Users
Travel and Business Hosting Expense Policies and Procedures for non-Concur Users