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A number of transportation options are available for transporting classes, groups of students, or individual faculty, staff, and students as part of University or School activities. Drivers must be University faculty, staff or students, at least 18 years of age, and properly licensed in accordance with the laws of the State of Michigan. Individuals not affiliated with the University (visitors, speakers, representatives from other universities, spouses of University personnel, etc.) are prohibited from driving University vehicles. University vehicles must be parked on University property when not in use, drivers are responsible for any moving or parking violations, and smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Requests should be submitted well in advance of the date of the activity.

Visit our Stamps Bus Schedule Google Calendar to check availability for the Stamps Bus.

Please give us your cell phone number so we can let you know about last-minute reservation issues.

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Required for Stamps Bus, University Rentals, and Bus Charter requests.

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