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Driver Eligibility

Faculty & Staff

Drivers of university vehicles (including the Stamps van) must be university faculty, staff or students, at least 18 years of age, and properly licensed in accordance with the laws of the State of Michigan. Vehicles will not be released to a driver without a valid license. Valid operators' licenses are those issued in the United States or Canada.

University policy further requires that all faculty, staff and students who have a business need to drive a UM vehicle meet eligibility requirements established by the University and have their motor vehicle records (MVR) checked to verify eligibility. Drivers with seven or more points on their driving record will immediately lose their privileges to drive university vehicles. These checks must be performed no less than once per year, or upon renewal after the license expires.

There is no cost to individuals for an MVR. Any fees for MVR’s (for drivers who hold licenses outside of the State of Michigan) will be charged to the School.

Completing an MVR Check

  1. Visit https://ltp.umich.edu/internal/mvr/
  2. Complete all the information fields (name, uniqname, and other driver information)
  3. IMPORTANT: In the delegate box, add the following uniqnames for Stamps staff who will verify your driving status: jansenp, jwubby, and creechsc.
  4. IMPORTANT: If a shortcode is required (for MVR’s outside of the State of Michigan), enter 176056.

Step-by-step instructions are available in this PDF document.