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A number of transportation options are available for instructional and administrative/business purposes. General terms and conditions of use, a list of available transportation options, and instructions on reserving vehicles are detailed below.

General Terms and Conditions of Use

Stamps vehicles are available for approved instructional and administrative/business purposes only. Examples of approved purposes include class trips, recruiting and development-related travel, and other administrative activities.

Stamps vehicles are not available for creative work/research support. Individuals requiring transportation for activities including but not limited to transporting work to/from exhibitions, research-related travel, and moving work between locations may rent a vehicle through commercial sources or through CONCUR and request reimbursement from research/discretionary funds. Reimbursements are provided in accordance with University policies. The Stamps School Finance Office can provide information on reimbursement guidelines and use of CONCUR.

No one may drive the Stamps bus except our professional Stamp bus driver. Drivers of the School van must be University faculty, staff or students who have a business need to drive a UM vehicle, and properly licensed in accordance with the laws of the State of Michigan. Individuals not affiliated with the University (visitors, speakers, representatives from other universities, spouses of University personnel, etc.) are prohibited from driving University vehicles. University vehicles must be parked on University property when not in use, drivers are responsible for any moving or parking violations, and smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

University policy further requires that all faculty, staff or students who have a business need to drive a UM vehicle meet eligibility requirements established by the University and have their motor vehicle records checked yearly to verify eligibility. Drivers with seven or more points appearing on their licenses will lose their privileges to drive UM vehicles. To ensure compliance, any Stamps School faculty, staff or student who a) uses the School’s van, or b) requests a UM rental vehicle must meet the eligibility requirements established by the University and have successfully completed a motor vehicle records check with the past 12-month period. At the time a vehicle reservation is requested, Stamps Main Office staff will verify eligibility. Individuals who have not yet established eligibility will be required to do so before the vehicle reservation is confirmed.

To check or renew eligibility to drive University vehicles, visit the Stamps Driver Eligibility form below.

School Van

The Stamps van is available for instructional and administrative/business purposes. The van seats 7 (including the driver) and is parked in the University lot behind the Art & Architecture building.

To reserve the van, fill out (completely, including shortcode) the Transportation Request Form below.  A calendar of scheduled use can be found on CTools (http://ctools.umich.edu, sitename A&D Van Schedule).

Stamps School Bus

The Stamps School bus is available for field trips and other School activities. It seats 32 (31 passengers and 1 driver), and is parked at an off-site University parking lot. Only our Stamps School professional driver may drive the bus.  For a full list of bus policies, see the Stamps Bus Policies link below.

The bus is reserved on a first come-first served basis. To reserve the bus, fill out (completely, including shortcode) the Transportation Request Form below.  In this form, click on the “Stamps Bus Schedule Google Calendar” link to see the bus schedule.

University Vehicles

The University maintains a rental fleet of vehicles (sedans, station wagons, and minivans) for use while conducting University business. Vehicles are rented for instructional and administrative/business purposes, and a shortcode will be needed to secure a vehicle. See the University Vehicle Options link below for university fleet vehicle lease rates and fueling options.

Buses and Charter Services

The University maintains a fleet of buses available for local charter service. In addition, area public school districts (seasonal) and commercial charter services are also available for local, regional and long-distance trips. A shortcode will be needed to secure a service, and charters must be scheduled well in advance (minimum one month recommended) to ensure availability.

To Reserve a Stamps Vehicle

Transportation requests are handled through the Dean’s Office. To make transportation arrangements, visit the Transportation Request Form below. Requests should be submitted well in advance of the date of the activity. For additional information, contact: artdes-transport@umich.edu