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Maskell Metals Studios

Maskell Metals Studios

The Hot/Cold Metal Studios and Metalsmithing/Jewelry Design Studio are made possible through the generous support of alumnus Dick and his wife Odette Maskell.

The Hot/Cold Metals Studio (rooms 1258 and 1262) is where you’ll go for large metals processes such as welding, forging, soldering, casting, and enameling; and the Cold Shop for cold ­forming, shearing, cutting, milling, lathing, grinding, and to use the CNC Plasma Cutter. Questions? See Studio Coordinator Matthew Bierl.

The Metalsmithing/Jewelry Design Studio (room 1069) is available to meet a variety of needs, including: soldering, forming, casting, powder coating, and enameling. For questions, see Studio Coordinator Mike Vitale.

Metalsmithing/Jewelry Design Studio equipment includes:

  • Acetylene Soldering Stations
  • ­Etching Station
  • ­Enameling Kilns
  • ­Power Coating Station
  • ­Burn Out Kiln/Casting Station
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Roll Press
  • ­Forming Station
  • ­Shear
  • ­Flex Shafts
  • ­Polishers
  • ­Sparkie II
  • ­Small Sandblaster
  • ­Various Handtools
Location & Contact Info

Metals Studios: Rooms 1258 and 1262, Art & Architecture Building
Metalsmithing/Jewelry Design Studio: Room 1069, Art & Architecture Building
Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday — Friday.
After hour access via card reader.

Matthew Bierl, Materials Fabrication Studio Coordinator
Office: 1075 AA
Phone: (734) 764-6807

Mike Vitale, Materials Fabrication Studio Coordinator
Office: 1075 AA
Phone: (734) 764-4577

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