Special Exhibitions

Launch: The 2014 Senior Show

Exhibition Dates: April 18 - May 3
Slusser/Robbins/Work • Ann Arbor Receptions: Friday, April 18, 6 - 9 pm

Launch features culminating projects by the School’s graduating seniors produced during their year-long Integrative Project course, including film, installation, traditional and new media. Encompassing all of the School’s exhibition venues, the show also features offsite exhibitions, events, performances and film screenings at the Michigan Theater and Stamps Auditorium.

Scroll down to view details on offsite exhibitions, as well as descriptions and images of each student’s work.

Offsite Events

Screening & Panel Discussion

Michigan Theater, 603 E Liberty

Thursday, April 17, 5 - 7 pm

Time based work by Stamps students.


Duderstadt Video Studio

Thursday, April 17, 8 pm
Friday, April 18, 6 and 8 pm

A solo performance by Carisa Bledsoe.

Dreams and their Departures

4731 Gallery, 4731 Grand River Ave, Detroit

Opening: Saturday, April 19, 6 - 9 pm

Work by Megan LaCroix and Alana Hoey.


325 Braun Court, Ann Arbor

Opening: Saturday, April 19, 6 - 9 pm

Closing: May 4, 12 - 2 pm

Work by Leah Whiteman, Tarah Douglas, Taylor Ross and Madalyn Hochendoner.

No (the No show)

The Yellow Barn, 416 West Huron, Ann Arbor

Opening: Sunday, April 20, 7:30 - 10:30 pm

Closing: May 4, 7:30 - 10:30 pm

Work by Ian Matchett, Sarah Schwendeman, Franny Mendes Levitin, Betsy Lee and Paige Rutkowski.


Stamps Auditorium

Friday, May 2, 7 - 9 pm
Saturday, May 3, 5 - 7 pm

Time based work by Stamps students.


Time-Based Work Screenings


Stamps seniors screen their time based work.

Thursday, April 17, 5 - 7 pm
Michigan Theater, 603 E. Liberty

Friday, May 2, 7 - 9 pm
Saturday, May 3, 5 - 7 pm
Stamps Auditorium, 1226 Murfin Ave



A solo performance by Carisa Bledsoe.

Performance Dates: Thursday, April 17, 8 pm
Friday, April 18, 6 and 8 pm

Duderstadt Video Studio

Dreams and their Departures

Offsite Exhibition

Work by Megan LaCroix and Alana Hoey.

Exhibition Dates: April 19 - April 23; Gallery Hours: 6 - 9 pm
Opening Reception: April 19, 6 - 9 pm (Featuring Sleeper Affect and JXBBARI)
Closing Reception: April 23, 6 - 9 pm

4731 Gallery, 4731 Grand River Ave Detroit, MI 48208


Offsite Exhibition

Work by Leah Whiteman, Tarah Douglas, Taylor Ross and Madalyn Hochendoner.

Exhibition Dates: April 19 - May 4; Open for Viewing 12 - 5 pm, Thursday - Monday
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 19, 6 - 9 pm
Closing Reception: Sunday, May 4, 12 - 2 pm pm

325 Braun Ct., Ann Arbor, MI

No (the No show)

Offsite Exhibition

Work by Ian Matchett, Sarah Schwendeman, Franny Mendes Levitin, Betsy Lee and Paige Rutkowski.

Opening Show: Sunday, April 20, 7:30 - 10:30 pm (Featuring Wych Elm)
Closing Show: Sunday, May 4, 7:30 - 10:30 pm (Featuring Marbin)

The Yellow Barn, 416 West Huron, Ann Arbor, MI


Student Work

Cy Abdelnour


Boundary is a video projection piece about the inner struggle I had with identifying with my racial origins. I was adopted and knew of this at an early age. I however, knew no one who shared the same racial origin as me; except latinos from other countries. As I grew up, I tried to connect with these people based upon what I saw fit racially in society. I was latino, so I thought I needed latino culture. Later I realized that this did not matter - I didn't have to fit the bounds of my race. Being nurtured in a completely different way from that of any latino, I grew the way I did, not because of race, but because of my upbringing.


Jean Paul Slusser Gallery

Ashley Ahr

Quest of Heroes: A Thrilling New Attraction Concept

Quest of Heroes is a ride concept that, with the help of some characters from the Walt Disney Movies, takes the rider on a journey to become a True Hero. They start training in the queue, with a maze full of mini-games, and then take a quiz to find out the fear they will end up facing in the Underworld. The on the roller coaster, different special effects and Disney Villains correspond to the different fears, so the ride experience can be different when someone goes on multiple times. They more the riders go on, the more fears they conquer-- and if they champion them all, they become the Ultimate Hero!


Warren Robbins Gallery

Ashley Allis


I am interested in the connections that exist between Impressionism and modern day digital painting/speed painting. I am working to express my own perceptions of spaces (real, idealized, and imaginary) by exploring the ways that contrast, colors, and brushstrokes can be used together in order to create an emotionally tangible atmosphere.


Jean Paul Slusser Gallery

Leah Backo

Synapse of the Self

Using psychology, neuroscience, and art therapy as influences, Synapse of the Self is an exploration of how the human mind processes thought as a result of being alone. The way our minds react to being physically or emotionally alone can be positive or negative or go through stages of both. Synapse of the Self consists of three connecting works that illustrate these contrasting ways of thinking as well as how the positive and negative ebbs and flows in our daily lives. The use of line work, color, imagery, and layering represents the complexity of the mind in these states.


Jean Paul Slusser Gallery

Jordan Barse

Boys I've Made Out With

“Boys I’ve Made Out With” is an ethnographic exploration of a college experience shaped by the artist's participation in a Greek Life-driven “hookup culture". Over the course of three years, the artist let relations, correspondences, and concerns with boys affect her emotional health and development. In order to address and regain control over her former lifestyle, which was guided by a normative, yet destructive social culture and a search for romantic connection, she decided to break down the popular practice of hooking up. Using her own experiences as a basis for ethnographic research, which relies on a balance of participation and observation, the artist retraced her accounts of the past three years recorded in private journals and snapshot photography.

The journals supply us with the data of her personal experiences and the names of boys we see in these portraits. The archival photographs provide us with contextual evidence of her time in the field (at fraternities, sororities, bars, parties) and of the culture that fostered these hookups. The surveys the artist distributed to each subject are a construction of her performance as she reconnected with each boy, and the questions she asked investigated the experiences of her male counterparts in order to analyze the way their hookups affected each of them on personal levels. The result was, for the artist, an understanding of her collegiate romantic experience and a satisfaction in knowing that culture can influence behavior, but it cannot define your agency.


Jean Paul Slusser Gallery

Hannah Beckey


Elapse is a video representation of the idea that memory and time slip away and sometimes are lost forever.


Work: Ann Arbor

Elise Beckman

Gentle Pathways

What if our bodies were translucent as windows—
and the act of communication, were as visible as light?
‘Gentle Pathways’ is a dream-like spatial installation, where human figures are depicted as clear as the air that surrounds them, and invisible connections are made visible in light.


Warren Robbins Gallery

Carisa Bledsoe

What the Tide Brought In

A solo performance about chocolate, bras, and a girl who likes neither, What the Tide Brought In examines the intricacies of one woman’s identity. In a corresponding installation, Back Against the Wall, on display in the Jean Paul Slusser Gallery, the performance further unfolds through a collage of images, drawings, notes, and paintings to comment on the artist’s process of shaping both her performance and identity from the inside out.


Jean Paul Slusser Gallery
Duderstadt Center Video Studio

Christopher Boomer


My project deals with my thoughts and perceptions surrounding the notion of isolation amongst individuals - how little we truly know about so many of the characters that we encounter, however intimately or briefly, in our everyday lives. My film follows an individual who is wandering through an unfamiliar city while looking for a new start to his life. While doing this, he reflects on himself through the brief glimpses of stories he sees in the strangers around him.


Screening at Michigan Theater/Stamps Auditorium

Anna Jonetta Brown


A fat, short, pimply fairy named Glufty enjoys the simple things in life like butter... and butter. All his life he was picked on by the other fairies in town, but one day he gets fifteen minutes to seek his revenge. Glufty is a 2D animated music video to a song Anna's brothers, Svein and Geir, wrote four years ago in their Norwegian band called Yazatas. Sit down, relax, and enjoy this innocent cartoon. You know, for kids.


Warren Robbins Gallery
Screening at Michigan Theater/Stamps Auditorium

Jaclyn Caris

Let's Cross Over

Let's Cross Over is a book and an app inspired by my study abroad experience in Florence, Italy and my love for traveling. The book is a travel guide and journal that is meant for study abroad students traveling to Florence to take on their trip to guide them and document their experience. The app is a travel journal that is meant for traveling anywhere in the world. The app allows the user to document all their trips through journal entries and pictures. Additionally, the app offers a travel challenge, which is a guide that can be used anywhere and encourages the traveler to be spontaneous as they are on their journey.


Work: Ann Arbor

Saraphine Carlson

Chow Down Ann Arbor

In my art, I like to capture the beauty of data and text. I combined this with my love for my campus and my interest in the student body's most popular pastime - dining. The result - my artistic offering of information that I gathered and organized through typography, layout, and color.


Work: Ann Arbor

Jordan Chao


A book about a boy and a couple demons, intended as an introduction to a comic book series. The book is a composite of 40 ink drawings.


Work: Ann Arbor

Dean Clancy

Designing Entrepreneurs

This project serves as a hands-on educational resource in hopes to gain the attention and train educators to implement their own programs teaching students about entrepreneurship and design. The project’s main work is the workshop guide documented through a standing entrepreneur program founded in 2012 called DCH Apparel at Detroit Community High School, in Brightmoor, Detroit. The second part of the project is the website that has a form for teachers to talk about different teaching tecniques and gain informational resources to create their own programs.

http://designingentrepreneurs .com

Warren Robbins Gallery

Isabel Cohen


Early this year, I stumbled upon my mother’s old photographs showing her wearing clothing she had designed and constructed when she was around my age. I was struck by our similar approach to fabric choices, hemlines, and form. For Intertextuality, I responded to those images by weaving, screen printing, dyeing, and sewing textiles that explore the ways my mother has shaped my creative process and sensibilities as an artist. The garments are vehicles that connect the two of us in different times, bringing her pieces back to life through my recreations and unique sensibilities.

Warren Robbins Gallery

Rachel Dethloff

Anxious Fantasies

Everyone, across cultures and time, has had anxieties and terrors, nightmares. I create photographs that draw on the nightmares of others to generate feelings of terror, fear, distress and extreme anxiety in the viewer. By exploring these dreams I wish to draw out those feeling to better explore the fantasies we experience while asleep. With the photographic qualities of dreams, photography was the natural medium to depict these fantasies. Viewers are then able to construct their own sequences and stories, creating their own anxious fantasies.


Work: Ann Arbor

Valerie DiMilia


Stages is a series of furniture and a product that utilizes food and the eating experience as a catalyst for the way in which people relate to each other.


Jean Paul Slusser Gallery

Sarah Donegan


This series is inspired by the intimate relationships I have seen between internal and external space. Each piece is a visual experience of an atmosphere of a particular place and how I personally connected with it. I explore real interactions in a place, such as the familiarity of being near the ocean, to more abstract connections - like wondering about the endless possibilities of the universe. I also explore the importance of emotional space and how the exterior world shapes your personal outlook within every aspect in your life. All of these experiences have influenced my thoughts and inspirations in many different ways and brought unexpected connections to my work.


Warren Robbins Gallery

Tarah Douglas


Possession is a multimedia exploration of ownership in reference to one's body, soul and various identities. It poses the question, "Do we possess these entities or do they possess us?".


Offsite: 325 Braun Court

Tara Ellis


People are put in our lives for a reason. To love us, hurt us, help us, and ultimately shape us into the individuals we are meant to be. We are reflections of these people, and it is something that can be heard, felt, and seen. For this collection of work, I developed a series of symbolic garments embodying the relationships that have shaped and defined me.


Work: Ann Arbor

Casey Fang

A Self Portrait: The Color of My Soul

The mystery of death will always be a mystery, and the ridges that consume a block of wood will always be predetermined. We will not know what comes after death until we die, which then our story becomes untold. But our current fears don’t have to be a mystery. Just grab them by a knife and carve into them!


Warren Robbins Gallery

Ida Fey

to inhale

Intimacy is: closeness, familiarity, warmth. Photography as a means through which to capture only that which is there- no more, no less. Finding fluidity between moments is precisely the type of rareness exhibited by profound intimacy. My work is a study of this phenomenon.


Jean Paul Slusser Gallery

Sarah Fogel

Healthy Branding

Healthy Branding is a rebrand of the Healthy Minds Network in the University of Michigan School of Public Health.


Work: Ann Arbor

Clara Giles


The work captures quotations representative of the musical style and story of local hip-hop artist, Obie Iyoha. Visual interpretation in correlation with specific language combine to create illustrative understanding.


Warren Robbins Gallery

Nicole Hankus

she a table

I am exploring the relationship between self and other by sculpting root vegetables into forms which represent the body as both subject and object. I make these as a response to the manipulation of minds and bodies that I sense in the world. I am arranging these forms in a system which mimics dichotomized relationships between mind and body, self and other, subject and object, time and space.


Work: Ann Arbor

Alana Hoey

In Retreat: Making Space

the retreat
sometimes a home
sometimes the farthest from it
a space large enough, light enough, to breathe
small enough, bare enough to be filled by the spirit


Offsite: 4731 Gallery, Detroit

Marla Jones


Degeneration challenges the long-term effects of self-deprecating thoughts. Through looking at the downward spiral that happens when believing even one lie about the origin of self-worth, this piece opens dialogue about a process normally kept to oneself. This piece replaces lies with truth, and relief from the overwhelming anxiety and silent suffering that occurs when constantly questioning oneself. Recreating this abstract, mental experience in a tangible form allows the viewer to question what is going on in their own head, or cope with what is happening to allow for the start of healing.


Jean Paul Slusser Gallery

Rachel Junker

Collected Correspondence

I began this project with a box of letters. A collection of correspondences, written haphazardly, frustratingly, intentionally and lovingly over the years. These correspondences serve as a record of myself, of absent people, times, and places. Together, these ceramic envelopes create a fragmented self portrait, a shrine of sorts to the record that has been created and preserved through correspondence.


Jean Paul Slusser Gallery

Casey Michael Klugman

A Way to See Into The Past

Every pair of sunglasses begins with someone's significant memory. The glasses I design for this individual honor their story and keep their memory alive by containing a related artifact in the temple, close to their thoughts.


Warren Robbins Gallery

Allison Knoll

12 Steps Towards Technological Freedom and Self Discovery

Consumption of social media frequently results in personal and cultural addiction. Organic Communicators provides a supportive community to those who wish to remove themselves from the social grid. During the Organic Communicators journey, members move through a 12 Step Process Towards Technological Freedom and Self Discovery. Through the deletion of her social media accounts, Allison Knoll’s experimental body of work moves her through this 12 Step Process.

Organic Communicator Website: www.organiccommunicators.com
Play Gallery Article: http://playgallery.org/stories/knoll/
Allison Knoll’s Online Portfolio: www.allisonknoll.com

Jean Paul Slusser Gallery

Erika Lazar

Expansion: An Exploration of the Past Through the Present

“I can only note that the past is beautiful because one never realizes an emotion at the time. It expands later, thus we don’t have complete emotions about the present only about the past.”- Virginia Woolf Expansion: An Exploration of the Past Through the Present explores iconographic landscape imagery and the deconstruction of the painting process. By using discarded work and repeating imagery, the decision making process and the placement of value becomes more transparent. This transparency allows a comprehension of the present through the past.


Jean Paul Slusser Gallery

Rita Lee


Collections of words piled up in jars, slowly accumulating small memories and tremendous feelings I can't quite describe as lovingly as I could the day before. In one moment I know exactly what to say, but as of now, I have no idea. A love for language becomes an obsession for finding the right words. How do I tell you how much you mean to me?


Jean Paul Slusser Gallery

Minji Lee

Dree’s Journey of Wonder

Dree’s Journey of Wonder invites the audience to explore the main character’s trip to search for happiness. Apart from reading the story, the viewers can walk around this large-scale scroll and engage in more direct way than reading a book. Dree’s journey does not end even after the audience finish viewing the work; her story is now absorbed into the readers’ inner minds and will be launched to bigger world/significance.


Warren Robbins Gallery

Betsy Lee

Corpus Möbius/ The No Show

Corpus Möbius is a series of contemporary life-size sculptural blueprints that reimagine old gestures into new boundaries.

Offsite: Yellow Barn

Molly Lester


Beeware is an active outdoors game that I have created to take on the complex idea of the disappearance of bees, and condense it for ages 6 to 8. It's structure is derived from well known games, such as freeze tag and capture the flag, and extensive cognitive games like The World Peace Game. This kit describes the interaction between bees, conglomerate farmers, and our environment. It is my goal to educate and impose a sense of responsibility, while constructing a simulation that is enjoyable and interactive.


Work: Ann Arbor

Frances Mendes Levitin

Harriet Who

Architecture is the navigation offered by a space. Architecture is any structure: physical, digital, or cultural. These works explore architectures that exist in both physical and digital interfaces and how the navigation of these interfaces affects how we process and shape information into knowledge.


Offsite: Yellow Barn

Cori Lewis


What began as a structured inquiry into translating music through design transformed into a gestalt assemblage of sound and space. "There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear. In fact, try as we may to make a silence, we cannot." —John Cage


Jean Paul Slusser Gallery

Cristina Ley


Evoking emotion from representations of the crucifixion of Jesus, these images are a merger of religious and corporate iconography. My Integrative Project was primarily inspired through my International Experience with Taring Padi, an art collective of activists from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The country’s intricate blend of religions and cultures prompted the visual study. My own concern for Earth’s biodiversity was also a core instrument in the creation of these tableaux. All zoological specimens are located in the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History.


Work: Ann Arbor

Richard Liverance

The Hatbox

The Hatbox is a 3D animated short about a young boy's adventures using his imagination and a box of hats. From storyboarding to finished animation, my goal has been to learn every part of the 3D animation pipeline and simultaneously tell a story that is entertaining and visually exciting.


Screening at Michigan Theater/Stamps Auditorium

Ian Matchett

The Continuity of Revolution

My project focuses on continuity and connection between revolutionary movements. I look at the way that organizers and radicals of the past relate to those of the present. When the past is forgotten, or remembered only as a distorted caricature, our ability to unify and act in the present is crippled. If we seek to radically change society, we must constantly seek to break the monopoly those in power have claimed over history. I hope that my work can contribute to this process


Offsite: Yellow Barn

Thabiso Mhlaba


Dunia is a concept art book containing a science fiction story as well as the visual development of the world created in the story. It draws from afro-futurist themes in its writing and aesthetic.


Warren Robbins Gallery

Charlie Naebeck


This book is an exploration of the topic of body image and the diversity of the human form through black and white photography. This project was inspired by a friend who passed away from bulimia to ask the question of how one views self in contemporary society. Through the journey, volunteers ages 18-65 were photographed nude without any retouching of their bodies and interviewed to share their views of body image. The goal of this project is to open a dialog for positive change and acceptance of body image through awareness.


Work: Ann Arbor

Nina Pagalos

For Loves

The majority of face-to-face communication is conveyed through the body, rather than the spoken word. The photographs focus on these moments of body language, while the audio piece provides narration. By isolating these details I am intending to give the viewer a more pure experience with storytelling.


Jean Paul Slusser Gallery

Melania Plasko


A series of garments that transform the body through the use of technology and unusual materials.


Work: Ann Arbor

Meggie Ramm

The Ocean's Story

A full color comic depicting a fight between nature and humanity.


Work: Ann Arbor

Aaron Rappaport

Not Granola

Compostable furniture made from mud, straw, leaves and homemade glues.


Work: Ann Arbor

Megan Reina

Fragmented Snapshots

An autobiographical graphic novel that combines two stories about a young woman and her relationship with men and her insecurities.


Work: Ann Arbor

Alden Reiss


I photographed the Michigan swimming and diving teams underwater for my senior thesis project. The photographs compiled for my upcoming show, Submerge, act as a vessel through which I explore the physical transformation that takes place when a human enters the water. Having almost drowned as a child, water often evokes feelings of fear and danger for me despite its natural beauty. This project helped relieve those feelings, as I made images in which humans seem to have control over their bodies beneath the surface of the water. This would not have been possible without the athleticism and comfort that these collegiate — and some Olympic — athletes have in the pool. Some images evoke feelings of reflection while others are more aggressive and explosive. Some suggest flight while others suggest stillness. What ties them all together is that these bodies, though submerged, appear free.


Work: Ann Arbor

Paige Rutkowski


Vow is a photographic exploration of the place of vernacular images in today's world. This work repurposes vintage photography through the use of projectors and scanners as well as physical manipulation. Vow is inspired by the fleeting nature of all that is beautiful and the infinite nature of human longing.


Offsite: Yellow Barn

Kaisa Ryding


An imagined field study of birds and other creatures in a cabinet of curiosities. In illustrating and conceptualizing a world of survival and mutations, Vaalia is made to resemble a daydream of animal conservation and behavior inspired by ornithological studies. From the perspective of a field researcher uncovering a long-abandoned biological wonder, they present their work as a series of illustrations and a collection of oddities brought back for display. The imagery is strung together in a loose narrative of a particular biological oddity.


Jean Paul Slusser Gallery

Samantha Jade Schneider

Artificial Bounds

Artificial Bounds is a multi-channel video installation projected inside of an 8 x 8 foot cube. It is an exploration of space, movement and our relationship with virtual reality.


Room 2006, Art & Architecture Building

Sarah Schwendeman

Two Brothers

Two Brothers is a visual story presented as a book of mixed media illustration. It is an experiment in breaking down traditional fairytale illustration, use of symbol and composition to present a unique and information-intensive visual experience. The story of Two Brothers is one of indoor versus outdoor spaces, both in physical reality and in the mind. Imagination, play, and family as they relate to suburban childhood are strong themes in this work.


Offsite: Yellow Barn

Qingrou Sun

The Gift from Time

When you were a child, you desired something, but you never got it. Across decades, when the gift finally arrives,time has filtrated it into something else. This is my story, this is everyone's story.


Jean Paul Slusser Gallery

Diane Thach

Let's Eat!

Let's Eat is an Ann Arbor food and restaurant guide for college students. This publication is inspired by my love for food and Ann Arbor, a city I have called home for the past four years. You won't find the restaurants broken up by cuisine, but instead categories seen through the lens of a college student. You also won't see many chain restaurants in this guide. It is with this guide that I hope you find a restaurant (or ten) that you either did not know about or want to try in the near future.


Work: Ann Arbor

Cassidy Wasko


Generation to generation, we are all influenced by our home in both visible and unseen ways. Using woodblocks, I printed onto the bodies of my family members to create a “tattoo” of a visual representation of a shared family experience. The experience of being tattooed, as well as the image itself, leads to conversation and deeper understanding between often-conflicting individuals.


Work: Ann Arbor

Ellen Wolbert

what stays

This piece explores the reconstructive and selective nature of our memories. It works to demonstrate a photograph’s use as a transitional object connecting us from the past to the future. I am interested in how our memories change over time and what aspects contribute to their significance. The images are collected from the kitchen in the home I grew up in. They form the way I remember the space. The installation is made up of eight 2’ x 3’ prints on transparent film, hung in sequence and illuminated by a light box.


Work: Ann Arbor

Theo Zizka

Stay Childish As Long As You Can!

This project is about breaking up the intense sitting our culture promotes with more activity.
The logic in essence:
1. The western perception of adulthood consists of an office job, driving a car, and watching television on a couch.
2. Such a lifestyle is heavily sedentary.
3. People that sit for long periods of time are at risk for a variety of (sometimes fatal) health issues, as well as muscle atrophy.
4. QED Adult life = death. Stay childish as long as you can!


Jean Paul Slusser Gallery