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Abhishek Narula: You are (not) here

You are (not) here

Abhishek Narula (MFA 2020)

We have a unique relationship with our smartphone. It has become part of us. It is the lens through which we experience our presence in time and space. While we see its glowing screen, hear its notifications, and feel its sleek beveled edges, we do not experience its network properties. “You are not here” materializes and visualizes the ethereal landscape where our smartphones are most active. It makes visible, so as to attempt to make thinkable, the forms of networked power that extend beyond the physical presence of the smartphone in our hands. This exhibition disrupts the grip the smartphone has on us, by creating a critical distance that enables us to reflect on what we cannot see.

Website: Abhishek Narula

This work is featured in Sometimes Something: The 2020 MFA Thesis Exhibition, on display from March 13 - May 2, 2020 at Stamps Gallery in Ann Arbor.