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Elizabeth Vander Veen: Thinking Out Loud Together - Designing for Communication

Thinking Out Loud Together - Designing for Communication

Elizabeth Vander Veen

Developing positive change in the complex, human-based system of healthcare calls for the contributions of many. Perspectives of patients and caregivers are needed as well as a range of professionals, from the nurse at the bedside to the administrator alongside spreadsheets. Yet once collected, participants from across healthcare entities and hierarchies must be engaged. Collaboration requires communication, and constructive collaboration first requires the scaffolding of effective communication. Instead of talking past each other or speaking at one another, Integrative Design leads teams into thinking out loud together. Design-led experiences, such as a collaborative, role-based card game simulating the inherent difficulties of a hospital discharge, create shared comprehension in order to build shared intent.

Elizabeth Vander Veen is a 2017 MDes in Integrative Design candidate.

This work is featured as part of Pathways: The 2017 Graduate Thesis Exhibition, on display from March 10 - April 1, 2017 at the Stamps Gallery on in Ann Arbor. Visit the exhibition page for dates, times, and hours.