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James Mackin: Proxima B: Exominal Kingdom

Proxima B: Exominal Kingdom

James Mackin

4.2 light years away a planet orbits a star dwarfed by our own sun. Its never-ending day scorches the planet while it leaves the other side a frozen world without light. Between these light and dark hemispheres a twilight zone gives rise to alien organisms that have evolved similarly to the animals of earth.
Each organism draws inspiration from the most endangered animals of today. The 3D renders illustrate the potential life on Proxima B while echoing the precious life of Earth.

Website: James Mackin

On display at Stamps Gallery

This work is featured as part of Close Encounters: the 2017 Senior Show, unfolding during the month of April in four exhibition sites throughout the city of Ann Arbor: Michigan Theater, Duderstadt Video Studio, the Argus II Building, and the new Stamps Gallery. Each space will host key exhibition events including film/video screenings, live performance, and opening receptions. Check the exhibition page for dates, times and hours.