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Tanner Petch: no more monsters

no more monsters

Tanner Petch

The work I make exists in a state of reverie, of wishful thinking and escapism. Over a long time I've built a continuity, a history, characters, and recurrent themes; there are in-jokes, and references only I will understand.

This world is one of comics and fallen angels, cartoons and breath and a lack of air, saints and kings and supervillains and monsters. It is not quite earth, but it is close. It is a place where after he made the earth, god laid down to rest and die. His bones became mountains, his eyes crystallized and became endless mazes, his flesh decayed over millennia and created miasma and warped beasts. I use this world-building as a form of content generation: there is an internal logic I follow, characters that live according to personalities I have set, and locales that grow and decay.

This work represents the beginning of a much larger process of creating an entire arcade that exists within this world, an exhibit of large multi-media objects that are capable of creating the space and story to make this place real.

Website: Tanner Petch

On display at Argus II Building

This work is featured as part of Close Encounters: the 2017 Senior Show, unfolding during the month of April in four exhibition sites throughout the city of Ann Arbor: Michigan Theater, Duderstadt Video Studio, the Argus II Building, and the new Stamps Gallery. Each space will host key exhibition events including film/video screenings, live performance, and opening receptions. Check the exhibition page for dates, times and hours.