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Diane Getler: Lost in the Tropics

Lost in the Tropics

Diane Getler (BFA 1977)

I gain inspiration from disparate sources: worn man-made objects such as rusted metal and distressed building surfaces, and natural forms such as decaying vegetation and weather-beaten landscapes. I am interested in the transient nature of things, in the way time transforms and mutates the world around us. Themes of impermanence vs. resilience, randomness vs. deliberateness, chaos vs. restraint run through my mind as I work.

When I begin a painting, I'm never sure of the direction it will take. The element of uncertainty makes the experience worthwhile. While working on a painting, I am looking for a way in, looking for the structure of the piece to reveal itself. Images develop through a process of laying down color fields and juxtaposing forms. Much as time causes objects to mutate, each work of art goes through a series of transformations, developing at its own pace. I layer or scrape away paint, adding new elements while obfuscating others. The process itself becomes very important. Through this method, each painting reveals its own unique character.

Viewers are welcome to form their own interpretations.

This work is featured as part of the 2016 Alumni Exhibition: “Horror Vacui”, on display from July 19 - August 6, 2016 at the Argus II Building in Ann Arbor. Check the exhibition page for dates, times, and hours.