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Robin Bukovina (Khym): In Silent Spaces

In Silent Spaces

Robin Bukovina (Khym) (BFA 1989)

The most feared empty space is silence, when our minds are left to fill that emptiness with endless thoughts, memories, and images. We fear this because in that space all of our anxieties surface and there seems to be no escape. This piece depicts that internal experience. The images are both ghostly and heavy. They appear dreamlike - some are even tender - yet, they are fused on wooden blocks and bound with staples, evoking a harshness that cannot be escaped. There is an intrigue, however, that pulls one in. We realize that this is the space where horror and joy - allure and fear - co-mingle. The mind whispers little secrets... and we lean in to listen.

This work is featured as part of the 2016 Alumni Exhibition: “Horror Vacui”, on display from July 19 - August 6, 2016 at the Argus II Building in Ann Arbor. Check the exhibition page for dates, times, and hours.