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Emily Schumer: In / Authentic Noise

In / Authentic Noise

Emily Schumer

Everyday we exchange words and information. We see them, we read them, we type them, and we write them. But more directly we say them and we hear them. My project focuses on these routine verbal exchanges. They are the ones that I have and hear in excessive repetition - the ones that often become monotonous in content and feel increasingly superficial. The sheer amount of these types of conversations highlights the lack of more intimate ones that we inherently seek.

Why does this happen so frequently and why don't we seek more genuine and authentic conversations regularly? Although small talk can be an important and essential part of a conversation, how can we get past the basic level of communication?

This typographic installation highlights the static noise of routine conversation. At the intersection of inauthentic and authentic you can investigate vulnerability and honesty. Light, time, transparency, and printed materials are used to represent these verbal exchanges and suggest that there may be more we can do to connect with one another authentically.

Website: Emily Schumer

On display at Argus II Building

This work is featured as part of Close Encounters: the 2017 Senior Show, unfolding during the month of April in four exhibition sites throughout the city of Ann Arbor: Michigan Theater, Duderstadt Video Studio, the Argus II Building, and the new Stamps Gallery. Each space will host key exhibition events including film/video screenings, live performance, and opening receptions. Check the exhibition page for dates, times and hours.