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cathy diamond: Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

cathy diamond (1982)

This painting, Guardian Angel, describes an encounter of a flower-shape spirit and a bird swooping down and ready to land. There is an egg-shaped gap in the woods , woods that are streaked with a glowing light, and in that gap a figure lays below on a yellow blanket that really is a kind of nest. My abstract paintings reveal suggestions of figures, animals and plant-life in different interactions in the woods. Where one can see a bird another may see a fountain, or they can be read as only shapes and movements. I am interested in emotional encounter and in place, where a feeling of hope or urgency resides. As I paint there is a sense that I have been there before, and that I am catching up to the hidden memories.

Website: cathy diamond

This work is featured as part of Future Former: An Exhibition of Alumni Work. This exhibition honors the creative work and careers of all Stamps School alumni, creates an aspirational connection between generations of U-M artists and designers and current Stamps students, and inspires reflection during the university's Bicentennial year.