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Frannie Gembis: form follows family

form follows family

Frannie Gembis

form follows family explores the purpose and intent behind objects that we use in our everyday lives. Even the simplest of forms (i.e. the cup that you drink coffee from every morning or the specific vessel you put your earrings in every night before you go to bed), has the ability to transform space and create meaning. We often times forget this, this intimate connection that we have with the things we eat and drink from. It is my intent to explore these relationships in my work.

Website: Frannie Gembis

On display at Stamps Gallery

This work is featured as part of Close Encounters: the 2017 Senior Show, unfolding during the month of April in four exhibition sites throughout the city of Ann Arbor: Michigan Theater, Duderstadt Video Studio, the Argus II Building, and the new Stamps Gallery. Each space will host key exhibition events including film/video screenings, live performance, and opening receptions. Check the exhibition page for dates, times and hours.