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Jean Wolff: Blue Fold White Lines

Blue Fold White Lines

Jean Wolff

My interest in systems and structure within a grid format is a systematic exploration of a basic structure and its subsequent construction and deconstruction. The explorations are more than a formal exercise. This work is built on an evolving set of interrelations, rather than just a system of theme and variations. It is a meditation on more than just the formal exercise - not planned, but with each work created in response to the previous and as a series of a whole. Beyond the rigors of the geometry, the handling of the materials activates the surface, differentiating each painting from another and furthering the systematic artistic exploration.

This work is featured as part of the 2017 Alumni Exhibition: “Ambiguities/Innuendoes? Go Fish.”, on view at the Stamps Gallery in Ann Arbor. Check the exhibition page for dates, times, and hours.