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Bette Klegon Halby: Black Jax

Black Jax

Bette Klegon Halby (BS Design 1962, BA Art Education 1962)

Bette Klegon Halby “Black Jax”, 2017 The city fuels my practice and fills my soul. It serves as both a platform for thinking afresh and a vehicle for expression. With its excitement, energy, emotion, rhythm, conflict, power and intensity, the urban landscape is the source of inspiration for “Black Jax”. In general my work is a metaphor for the lyrical qualities found in music, much akin to that of riffs in jazz . “Black Jax” is no exception. It extends the boundaries of two-dimensional space, creating spatial relationshipsÑshapes that shape the way we move and mold the way we see. Color selection is always a matter of decision. Selecting color is like choosing a word in a poem. It must resonate within me, evoke emotion and strike a chord.

Website: Bette Klegon Halby

This work is featured as part of Future Former: An Exhibition of Alumni Work. This exhibition honors the creative work and careers of all Stamps School alumni, creates an aspirational connection between generations of U-M artists and designers and current Stamps students, and inspires reflection during the university's Bicentennial year.