Exhibition Detail

Betta Fish

Valerie Matula

This was my final for ArtDes 328: Experimental Animation. I wanted to find a way to combine puppet animation and paint animation, because both are techniques I enjoy using for animation. I brainstormed kinds of glass surfaces, since the paint animation required a glass surface, and the idea I settled on was a fish tank. Then I tried having the puppet character find a way to relate to fish. Of the fish I've had as pets in the past, the most memorable were the betta fish. As I did more research on betta fish as a species, I learned that they are commonly called "siamese fighting fish" and are known for their history of being bred for fish fighting. Because of this, modern betta fish are particularly aggressive. I felt this would be a unique way to connect the two characters: the problem kid with anger issues and the betta fish that lashes out to survive. This animation was made using Dragonframe along with Adobe After Effects and Premiere.

Website: Valerie Matula

This work is featured in the 2020 Undergraduate Juried Exhibition, on view online from November 13 – December 4, 2020.