Exhibition Detail

Sally Clegg: Auto-Affection


Sally Clegg (MFA 2020)

Auto-Affection: to give oneself a presence or a pleasure

In practices that are considered private – self-talk, self-touch, self-care – a gap is revealed between one and oneself. What objects and images enter here? This exhibition treats auto-affection as a creative process. In sculpture, painting, and video, Auto-Affection teases out the theoretical and material relationships embedded in pursuits of self-experience and pleasure. It is a meditation on the meaning of our most intimate rituals, and an exploration of associated tools and traces.

Image: Self Portrait as 100 Dildos (detail)

Website: Sally Clegg

This work is featured in Sometimes Something: The 2020 MFA Thesis Exhibition, on display from March 13 - May 2, 2020 at Stamps Gallery in Ann Arbor.